EB Guide Introduction

This is an introduction for EB Guide. EB Guide is a powerful HMI development tool for building rich UIs for high-performance devices.


EB Guide Introduction

Bring your User Experience to the next level with EB GUIDE

Increase your team collaboration and productivity with the new modularization features now available in the latest EB GUIDE.


One Unique Set of Products to Build Your Holistic User Interface

All-Inclusive Graphical User Interfaces

EB GUIDE provides graphical user interfaces (GUIs) with
2D and 3D support, animations,and effects needed for all
automotive use cases.


Debug During Development

EB GUIDE comes along with testing and monitoring software,
allowing you to control your HMI model during the simulation.


The Latest Voice User Interfaces

EB GUIDE equips you with voice user interfaces (VUI) with latest
speech technology, including online Natural Language
Understanding (NLU) and on-board recognition.

Augmented reality for head-up displays

With data fusion designed for augmented reality, EB GUIDE provides
you with a software toolkit to visualize what the car's systems are
seeing to support the driver during decision making.


What you see is what you get

Design, develop, and deploy without code, without compiling, and without waiting.

EB GUIDE lets you develop as your audience will see the HMI.

Learn more about how to Bring your user experience to the next level with EB GUIDE:

EB as your partner to deliver stunning user experience to your customers

Elektrobit as a one-stop shop for your HMI

Elektrobit is a one-stop shop for of the entire HMI development
and deployment process with its top-of-the-line toolset, engineering
services, and support from EB experts if needed.

Support throughout the entire development journey

EB GUIDE supports various development phases: executable
specification, HMI creation, rapid prototyping, simulation, and target
deployment in multiple devices.