FibreOptic foE Charger

Part No.: MPPT-FibreOptic-foE-Charger
Fibre Optic Converter for Car Charging Stations



Fibre Optic Converter for Car Charging Stations

Certifications for the growing market of e-mobility require that the car (EV) is tested also while it is connected to the charging stations (EVSE) during the charging process.

The PONTIS EMC foCarCharger transmits the data signals via fibre optic connection. Due to the versatile concept of the converter it can be used with most international standards and be updated to new requirements.

The foCarCharger supports Pilot Signal (PWM), PLC and CAN communication. So multiple standards like CCS, CHAdeMO and GB/T are supported. Additionally it can read the relay contacts of CHAdeMO and other status signals.

The communication standard can easily be changed by switches on foCarCharger.

Both sides (EV and EVSE) are shielded and may be used inside the EMC chamber.

The firmware of the foCarCarger can be easily updated via a dedicated PC tool to react to future changes in the protocols.

As the EVSE needs to be separated from the EV, the power cables need to be separated form the data line. We offer a power connect box and corresponding charging cables.



  • Shielded transmission for car charging stations
  • Data and power are split up
  • Data transmission via fibre optics
  • For AC and DC charging
  • Most international standards supported
  • RF-immunity 200 V/m up to 18 GHz


  • required
    • Fibre optic cables: variable lengths ST/FSMAconnector (PONTIS EMC)
  • optional
    • Cable with appropriate connector for specific standard
    • Power connect box (max. 230 A)

Technical Specifications

Data Communication
Control Pilot Circuit (PWM)
PLC (HomePlug Green) up to 10 Mbps
CAN bus (ISO11898) up to 1Mbps
Data Link Glass fibre 50/125 μm, ST connector 
Operating Temperature/Humidity  0 ° to +50 °C / 20 to 80 % RH 
Housing  coated aluminium
Colour light grey (RAL 7035) / petrol 
External dimensions tbd
Weight tbd
Immunity 200 V/m up to 18 GHz 

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice!