FibreOptic foBroadR (Automotive)

Part No.: MPPT-FibreOptic-foBroadR(Automotive)
Autodetect: 100Base-T1, 1000Base-T1



  • Autodetect: 100Base-T1, 1000Base-T1
  • up to 200 m
  • EMC immunity 200 V/m up to 18 GHz


BroadR-Reach technology is an Ethernet physical layer standard designed for use in automotive connectivity applications. BroadR-Reach technology allows multiple in-vehicle systems to simultaneously access information over unshielded single twisted pair cable.

The BroadR-Reach standadrd was originally introduced by Broadcom. Besides Broadcom there are also NXP and Marvel chip set and Phy (88Q2212). The Marvel version used in our converters works with both NXP and Broadcom solutions.

In order to facilitate the connection to a PC the converter supports also regular STP connectors.



  • RF-Immunity: Antenna radiated 200 V/m, 200 MHz – 18GHz, ISO11452-2, CW, AM, PM Stripline 200 V/m, 10 – 1 GHz, ISO11452-5, CW, AM, PM
  • Emission: EMC compliant to CISPR25 Class 5, 50 k – 4 GHz
  • Battery (approx. 8 hours operation)
  • Compact metal housing
  • No galvanic connection between test equipment and measurement instruments
  • ACK and network speed indication
  • Battery version: fast charge, long operation, also for 1 GBit/s
  • On Request: a special version with 4 x Ethernet ports is available


  • Standard
    • One set consists of two shielded converter units
    • All converters are shipped with the appropriate power supply or battery and charger.
  • Optional
    • Fibre optic cables: variable lengths ST/FSMA- connector or ST/ST-connector
    • FO-Patches (Feed Through wall Patches)

Technical Specifications

Data Signaling Rate
100 MBit/s: 100BASE-T1
1 GBit/s: 1000BASE-T1
both units must run at the same speed!
Data Transfer Direction full duplex
1 x Ethernet port RJ45 / Rosenberger MA-D4V019
4 x Ethernet ports version on request available
Electrical Cable Type DACAR 676
Fibre Optic Connection FST
Fibre Optic Cables multimode duplex fibre, 50/125 µm
Maximum Fibre Length  up to 300 m 
Wavelength 1300 nm
Charging Input recharchable battery (12VDC 2A): fast charging
Operating Temperature 0 °C / +40 °C
Operating Humidity 20 to 85 % RH
Weight Per Converter 0.7kg
Housing  passivated aluminium, stainless steel, 2 mm
Dimensions per Converter 105 x 125 x 65 mm (LxWxH)

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice!