Automotive Electric and Electronic Trainer

All modern motor vehicles are equipped with a threephase generator to produce the required electrical energy.
It is compact generators make use of a monolithic controller.
Our system enables the trainees to become familiar with the function of the hybrid controller.
With this system you establish the foundation for an individually expandable lighting panel wall.
This system is used to cover the topics involving auxiliary headlights and signalling systems
Once upon a time trailer lighting was simple to explain, but those days are over.
This system helps instructors to impart know-how in all topics involving auxiliary headlights and signalling systems
Expand any of the existing automotive lighting displays by a CAN bus node that is diagnostics capable.
Power supply systems to the latest technologies is one of the hallmarks of a training system designed for practical applications.
You can expand any lighting installation employing a CAN bus
This system shows the point of practical training content.