FibreOptic foCAN (v 4.0)

Part No.: MPPT-FibreOptic-foCAN(v4.0)
Low speed ISO 11898-3 up to 125 kbit/s



  • Low speed ISO 11898-3 up to 125 kbit/s
  • High speed ISO11989-2 20–1,000 kbit/s
  • Unbuffered
  • Distance depends on speed
  • EMC compliant to CISPR 25, Class 5 -10 dB


In complex testing environments it is often needed that electrical signals have to be transmitted into the chamber or out of the chamber to the test equipment.

For that purpose we offer a variety of different interfaces that convert electrical signals into optical signals and back. Such the signal can be transmitted via fibre optics and is immune against electrical fields.

A sophisticated shielding and filtering concept ensures that the interfaces are highly immune against radiation and do not deliver out any significant emission.

In most cases both units are shielded.



  • RF-Immunity: Antenna radiated 200 V/m, 200 MHz –18 GHz, ISO11452-2, CW, AM, PM Stripline 600 V/m, 10 – 1 GHz, ISO11452-5, CW, AM, PM
  • Emission: EMC compliant to CISPR25 Class 5, 150 k-4 GHz, Battery version: -10 dB
  • Battery (approx. 8 hours operation) or mains powered
  • Compact metal housing
  • No galvanic connection between test equipment and measurement instrument
  • Max. distance: 10 m at 1000 kbit (longer length at lower speed possible)


  • Standard
    • One set consists of two converter units
    • All interfaces are shipped with the appropriate power supply or battery and charger.
  • Optional
    • Fibre optic cables: variable lengths ST/FSMAconnector or ST/ST-connector
    • FO-Patches (Feed Through wall Patches)

Technical Specifications

Physical CAN Specification LS
Selectable CAN Bus Termination LS 
ISO 11898-3, up to 125 kBit/s
500 Ohm to 5 kOhm
Physical CAN Specification HS/FD
Selectable CAN Bus Termination HS/FD
ISO 11898-2, 20-1000 kBit/s
120, 60 Ohm or none
Allowed CAN-DC-Levels Up to +30V, CAN H/CAN L to GND
Recessive Bus Level 2,5V to GND
Selectable CAN Bus Termination 120, 60 Ohm or none 
Data Transmission transparent, unbuffered
Electrical Connector DSUB, 9-pin, male, 2 Can L, 3 GND, 7 Can H
Fibre Optic Connection FST
Fibre Optic Cables 
multimode duplex fibre, 50/125 µm
maximum fibre length depends at operation mode an CAN bus speed
​10 m at 1000 kbit, longer length at lower speed possible
Wavelength 850 nm
Charging Input 12V DC, 1A, mains power supply or recharchable battery 
Compatibility can operate with 24 V vehicles
Operating Temperature 0 °C / +40 °C
Operating Humidity 20 to 85 % RH
Weight Per Converter 0.8 kg
Housing passivated aluminium, grey-petrol
Dimensions Per Converter 103 x 127 x 67 mm (LxWxH)

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice!