High Current UBA5

Part No.: MPVC-High-Current-UBA5
This is the high current version of the UBA5 with a 8A, 10A or 12A per channel maximum load current.



This is the high current version of the UBA5 with a 8A, 10A or 12A per channel maximum load current. It is designed for testing of lithium ion single or two cell batteries. Both channels can be paralleled for 16A, 20A or 24A respectively of load current!

These high current UBA5s come with a 19V 4.5A power supply.  15V or 24V supply available upon request.  Contact us for further information.


Battery Type All chemistries, primary and secondary cells
Battery Voltage Single cell to 18.5V pack
Battery Capacity 10mAh to over 250Ah
Charge Current Up to 2A per channel
Load Current Up to 12A per channel
Load Power 45W per channel
Number of Channels 2
Interface USB and Serial
Approvals CE and FCC



Which UBA is best for you?

All UBA5 models have two channels and can network with each other.  They differ by their maximum battery voltage and load current.


Analyzer UBA5PS UBA5-High 
Power Supply 
yes yes Small1
Battery Voltage2
18.5V for lithium ion
18.5V for lithium ion Up to 59.2V
depening on model
(per channel)
  • 3A

  • 45W maximum power

  • 6A to 12A depending
    on model

  • 45W maximum power

  • 2.4A or 3.0A depending
    on model

  • 45W maximum power

Charge Current
(per channel)
2.0A 2.0A 2.0A
  1. The small power supply is for powering the UBA5 only, it does not provide the charge current.
  2. The maximum battery pack voltage depends on the battery chemistry.


  • All UBA5s come with a serial and USB cable, battery cables, software, manual, and unlimited technical support from our engineering department.
  • All UBA5s can discharge at up to 3A per channel (2.4A for UBA5-60V/UBA5-70V) with a 45W per channel limit
  • All UBA5s can test battery packs down to a single cell, any chemistry
  • All power supplies are universal input, i.e. they work in North America, Europe, or Asia.