CAN Bus 配件

Test Interface for PC/104 Cards
Test Interface for PC/104-Plus Cards
Test Interfaces for PCIe/104 Cards
PCI Express Low-Profile Adapter for PCI Express Mini Cards
Termination Adapter for CAN and CAN FD
T-Adapter for CAN Tapping
D-Sub Connection Adapter for Screw Terminal Blocks
Connection Cable for CAN and CAN FD
CAN and CAN FD Cable for Test and Measurement Setups
Pre-configured Cable Set for the PCAN-LIN Module
Pre-configured Cable Set for PCAN-USB Pro FD and PLIN-USB
CAN-OBD-2 Diagnostics Cable
CAN-J1939 Adapter Cable
a CAN bus hub with three female and one male D-SUB9 connectors
For the Kvaser PCIcanx 4xHS and Kvaser PCIcan 4xHS boards
a highly durable extension cable