Software Tools from Vector

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Vector software tools offer system architects, network designers, development and test engineers comprehensive support for the entire development process


Software Tools from Vector

Vector software tools offer system architects, network designers, development and test engineers comprehensive support for the entire development process: from system design and integration to testing, calibration and diagnostics of single components or the entire system.

Optimally coordinated software tools create simplicity and enable you to reduce development costs while maximizing cost efficiency and quality - in the automotive, aerospace, medical, rail technology and other industrial sectors.

The software tools from A-Z:


ASAP2 Lib is a powerful and easy-to-use function library, which you can use for reading
and writing standardized ECU description files in ASAP2 format for your own applications.
All versions of the ASAP2 standard released by ASAM are supported for reading,
including the current version 1.70. Both fixed parts of the ASAP2 specification and variable
parts that are defined by the ASAP2 metalanguage can be read in.

ASAP2 Tool-Set

One prerequisite for using CCP and XCP as measurement and calibration protocol is the
existence of an ASAP2 description file. The ASAP2 Tool-Set is used to create and check
this file. The six console programs are configured using initialization files and can thus be
easily integrated in batch and make processes. The ASAP2 Editor also provides you an
additional convenient tool for entering and editing all information via a dialog-based user


CANalyzer is the comprehensive software tool with intuitive operation for analysis and
stimulation of network communication. Use CANalyzer to check whether and what type of
communication is occurring on the network. In addition to sending or recording data,
interactive ECU diagnosis is also possible. For every application it offers powerful basic
functions for beginners as well as extensive detailed functions for experienced users.


The primary application area of CANape is in optimizing parameterization (calibration) of
electronic control units. Calibrate parameter values and simultaneously acquire
measurement signals during system runtime. The physical interface between CANape
and the ECU might be made via the CAN bus with CCP or XCP, for example.


The specification tool CANdelaStudio is a central component of the CANdela solution and
supports users in creating and editing a formal ECU diagnostic specification.


CANdesc (desc = diagnostic embedded software component) is the ECU diagnostic
software component in the development process of the CANdela product family. CANdesc
enables vehicle and electronic control unit (ECU) manufacturers to implement the
diagnostic protocol uniformly across different OEMs and their vehicle lines. CANdesc
supports diagnostic communication via CAN, MOST, FlexRay. Any other bus system will be
also supported using an optional abstract transport layer interface.


CANoe is the comprehensive software tool for development, test and analysis of entire
ECU networks and individual ECUs. It supports you throughout the entire development
process. Its versatile functions and configuration options are used worldwide by OEMs and

CANoe. Diva

DiVa is a CANoe extension for automated testing of diagnostic software implementations
in ECUs. Reproducible test cases are generated based on an ECU diagnostic description.
CANoe. DiVa consists of a configuration tool with a dedicated user interface, test case
generator and runtime library for extended CANoe test functionality.

CANoe Test
Package VAG

During the development of an ECU it is necessary to perform extensive CAN conformance
tests. The CANoe Test Package VAG creates a CANoe configuration for this purpose. The
configuration includes test implementations according to the corresponding Volkswagen
test specifications. The tests run fully automated and may be repeated at any time. Thus,
the test effort is kept to a minimum.


DaVinci Configurator Pro lets you configure and generate AUTOSAR basic software (BSW)
and the RTE for your ECU – whether they are BSW modules from Vector (MICROSAR) or
third party producers (e.g. MCALs from semiconductor manufacturers) or even BSW
modules you have created yourself. The multi-stage and rule-based validation process
ensures inter-module consistency of all configuration parameters.

DaVinci Developer

DaVinci Developer is the professional tool for designing AUTOSAR Software Components
(SWCs). Using convenient graphical editors, you can design the structure and interfaces
of the functional software of your ECUs quickly and clearly which ensures a smooth
integration of the functional software with the ECU’s basic software.


Indigo is an easy to use diagnostic tester that is largely self-configured and conceals the
complexity of the diagnostic protocols. It gives the user a quick overview of a vehicle’s
status and allows detailed diagnostics of individual ECUs. A wide variety of applications of
vehicle and ECU Diagnostics are directly represented by Indigo. This makes handling of
the various diagnostic tasks very convenient, and easy to perform with a minimum number
of user interactions.

MDF4 Lib

MDF4 Lib is a powerful function library; in its base variant you can use it to sort MDF files
and read them into your own applications. The new ASAM-standardized MDF4 is
supported in addition to the widely used MDF3 format. The library offers a convenient C++
interface for easy access to signal data and supplemental information stored in an MDF file,
regardless of the specific MDF version (3.x/4.x).


ODXStudio is a user-oriented authoring tool for diagnostic data in ODX format. As the
optimal platform for a native ODX process, it offers full support of ODX data of all


The PREEvision E/E engineering solution is the premier tool for model-based development
of distributed, embedded systems in the automotive industry and related fields. This
engineering environment supports the entire technical development process in a single
integrated application.

Squore Squore is an innovative decision-making dashboard that enables quality management of
software development.

TA Tool Suite

The TA Tool Suite is part of the Vector product family since 2018. It offers a wide range of
tools for the design, simulation, optimization and verification of embedded real-time systems.
As a one-tool solution, it covers the non-functional requirement “timing” across the complete
development cycle. The expert mode enables a deep analysis of the timing behavior.
Furthermore, it simplifies and semi-automates the application software distribution in
multi-core processor ECUs. Additionally, the TA Tool Suite increases the efficiency and
reactivity of real-time multi- and many-core systems.


vADASdeveloper provides an infrastructure for developing algorithms for advanced driver
assistance systems and automated driving. The tool reduces your workload in developing
sensor data fusion applications. The runtime environment acquires sensor data, logs it and
can replay the data for stimulation.


vCDM is the database-supported platform for calibration teams. The intuitive guided user
mode helps calibrators to get familiar with vCDM. An expert user mode is optimized to
efficiently process calibration data in large projects. Work results are efficiently merged, and
potential data conflicts are avoided or detected and resolved. All data changes are seamlessly


vCDMstudio is an efficient tool for editing parameter set files. It is easily used to display,
compare and edit parameters created in ECU calibration. When solving complex tasks, filters
are used to reduce the number of parameters shown on the screen. In addition to calibrating
parameter values you can take values from different files and merge them to create new
version levels.


The VectorCAST embedded software testing platform is a family of products that automates
testing activities across the software development lifecycle.


vFlash is a very easy-to-use tool for programming ECUs. It supports already more than 50
different flash specifications and is simply expandable via a plugin concept. vFlash is designed
for all users at automotive OEMs and suppliers whose tasks include (re-) programming of ECUs.
It supports ECU programming over CAN, FlexRay, LIN, and over Ethernet (DoIP). vFlash allows
users to flash ECUs in the laboratory, at programming stations, at a laboratory vehicle or in the
vehicle very efficiently.


vMDM (Vector Measurement Data Management) is the solution for efficient management of
large data volumes from development, test bench operation and vehicle tests.

vMeausre CSM

The vMeasure CSM measurement and analysis software is the ideal supplement to CAN- and
EtherCAT-based measurement modules of CSM.

vMeasure exp

vMeasure exp is a flexible measurement software solution that provides you with efficient
support in the laboratory, at the test stand, during test drives and endurance tests. With
vMeasure exp, you can conveniently record physical values, internal ECU signals as well as
signals sent via the vehicle bus.


vSignalyzer is a convenient tool for efficiently evaluating measurement data of all types. It gives
you extensive options for visualizing the data as well as functions for manual and automated
analysis and reporting. Measurement data acquired in network development, analysis and ECU
calibration may be read-in from various file formats.


vTESTstudio is a powerful development environment for creating automated ECU tests. In order
to increase the efficiency in terms of test design and to simplify the reusability it provides either
programming-based as well as tabel-based and graphical test notations and test development
methods. vTEStstudio can be employed in all product development phases: from model testing
right through to system validation. Thanks to the use of open interfaces vTESTstudio can be
simply incorporated into existing tool landscapes.


vVIRTUALtarget is a software that is used to generate virtual ECUs for all typical AUTOSAR-4
projects. It supports function and software developers, software integrators and test engineers
throughout the entire ECU development process.

Trainings, Workshops and Knowledge


Vector offers numerous seminars and workshops dealing with Vector software tools, Vector standard software components, AUTOSAR and current bus technologies and protocols. Our training team consists of numerous experienced engineers who are pleased to impart their extensive knowledge and experience to others.