Part No.: MPVT-VN7640
The VN7640 interface is a flexible solution for FlexRay, CAN FD, LIN, K-Line and J1708 applications. Additionally, different use cases are supported for Ethernet.


VN7640 - FlexRay/CAN FD/LIN/Ethernet Interface for USB or Ethernet

The VN7640 interface is a flexible solution for FlexRay, CAN FD, LIN, K-Line and J1708 applications. Additionally, different use cases are supported for Ethernet.

Due to the various channel combinations the VN7640 is an ideal interface for laboratory or developer workstation. Because of its compact and robust design, it is also suitable for mobile applications.


  • Variety of channel combinations possible by simply interchangeable transceivers for different bus physics

  • Updating of functional range by FPGA update possible

  • Optimum performance for CANoe/CANape/CANalyzer applications with CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, LIN, J1708, and K-Line bus access

  • Support of Ethernet applications, e.g. DoIP or measurement / calibration via XCP on Ethernet

  • Analog/digital IO functionality

  • Connection for external time synchronization

  • Accurate time analysis of the communication data

  • Robust housing

Application Areas

  • Remaining bus simulation, gateway application, analysis and testing of networks and ECUs in combination with the bus systems CAN FD, LIN (K-Line), and FlexRay

  • Diagnostics (including Diagnostics over IP) and flashing of ECUs

  • Measurement and calibration of ECUs via XCP (XCP on FlexRay, XCP on CAN, XCP on Ethernet)

In addition, the included libraries allow the user to create own applications quickly and easily.

Ethernet Interface - Use Case Matrix

Application Area

Physical Layer 

Network Interfaces







ECU Communication

Measurement /  Simulation

Analysis,  simulations, or 
more complex  test tasks
within  an Ethernet  network.

Automotive Ethernet






Automotive Ethernet






Standard Ethernet







Access to ECUs via the DoIP
standard. An additional DoIP
Activation Line is available.

Standard Ethernet x x x x x(1)

Logger Extender

The interface can be connected
as an extension for loggers with
Ethernet support. The data
recorded by the interface will be
transferred to the logger.

Standard Ethernet x - - - -



Fast and reliable connection to a
PC with measurement and
calibration software via XCP-on-

BroadR-Reach x x x x x
Standard Ethernet x x x x x


Windows network driver (NDIS) to
operate the Ethernet/BroadR Reach
interface as a regular network
adapter for tools without XL driver

Standard Ethernet - - - x -

ETH Host

Alternative connection of the interface
to the test PC via Ethernet.

Standard Ethernet (2) (2) x - x

(1) = without Activation Line

(2) = available in a later release


  • Support of CAN FD up to 8 MBit/s

  • Fast CAN flashing through hardware-based flash sequence support

  • Extended LIN stress functions, e.g. for LIN 2.1 confor-mance tests


  • Detection of invalid frames

  • Cycle multiplexing

  • In-cycle response

  • Support of PDUs

  • FlexRay gateway (channel A)

  • Startup + asynchronous monitoring allows detection of FlexRay frames and symbols, even before the communication controller has synchronized itself to the bus


  • Diagnostic communication via Internet protocol (DoIP, ISO 13400-3) incl. DoIP ActivationLine and WakeUpLine

  • Direct connection of Vector measurment and calibration hardware (xPODs or VX device)

  • Ethernet port as host interface to PC


  • Synchronization with several devices and other bus systems (e.g. CAN FD, FlexRay, LIN, J1708)

  • CAPL-on-Board for CAN FD, FlexRay, LIN, IO