Saint2 Kit




The powerful Systems Analysis INterface Tool (SAINT2) enables reprogramming, ECU flashing and EOL testing capabilities for vehicle control modules.



Supports major automotive serial communication busses without the need for additional hardware.


Key Features

  • Testing Interfaces for Multiple Simultaneous Serial Busses
  • Extensive On-board Memory Capacity
  • High-performance Infineon Micro-controller
  • RS-232 and USB Interfaces for Communication with a Host Computer
  • SAINT2 Hosts Software for Your PC
  • User-configurable DB-25 Cable
  • Optional Discrete I/O Add-on Daughter Board


  • System Applications
    • Product development, testing and software re-flash in one device
  • Bus Monitor 2
    • Message filtering, scripting, emulation and logging
    • Scrolling message monitor
  • SAINT Bus Engine
    • Provides open API for software applications
    • Interfaces with USB/RS232
    • Create your own plug-ins

Technical Specs

  • Physical: 6.75” x 4.1” x 1.5”, -10 to 80° C
  • Electrical: 8-22 VDC, 500mA max

Protocols Supported

  • Single-wire CAN
  • ISO15765-2 (CAN)
  • Class 2
  • KW2000
  • LIN
  • SPI Monitor
  • llC

The SAINT2 features include:

  • Testing interfaces for multiple simultaneous serial busses
  • RS-232 and USB interfaces for communication with a host computer