LIN - Fiber Optic Bridge



LIN Fiber Optic Data Transfer for EMI Testing

Our LIN (Local Interconnect Network) to Fiber Optic Bridge hardware adapter works as a pass-through hardware interface to translate fiber-optic signal to the original vehicle network signal for connection to any user application. Paired with our Fiber Optic Satellite Module, it gives you an isolated, non-electrical interface between a device under test and external data collection equipment. This lets you conduct precision device testing in an EMC environment.

  • Supports LIN Version 2.X 
  • Supports Data Rates of 20K bps 
  • Capable of Using External Battery for Bus Voltage Reference


Interchangeable bridge and satellite modules with built-in functionality for:

  • High and Low Speed CAN
  • Single Wire CAN
  • CAN FD


  • Transmits signals between a Device Under Test (DUT) and monitoring equipment
  • Provides optical isolation of vehicle networks during EMI/EMC testing
  • Compatible with all CAN protocols
  • Quick and easy set up with user friendly controls
  • Only requires two fibers between bridge and satellite module
  • Exceeds or meets automotive EMC testing specifications (see back side)
    • Radiated emissions
    • Bulk current Injection  
    • Radiated susceptibility
  • Rechargeable batteries provide 12 hours of operating time before requiring recharge

Key Features/Protocols Supported

High Speed CAN with CAN FD Support

  • High speed CAN to 1 M bps
  • ISO 11898 physical layer
  • Terminating resistor options via rotary switch
  • None
  • 120 Ohm
  • Split 120 ohm
  • ISO15765 AC termination

CAN FD Support

  • Supports the new high speed CAN standard from Bosch
  • High speed CAN arbitration phase to 1 M bps

Single Wire CAN Support

  • Normal and High speed modes
  • With or without tool termination resistor
  • Fully compliant to GMW3089 V2.4 and
  • J2411 Single Wire CAN specification for
  • Class B in-vehicle communications
  • Accurate pass-thru of High Voltage
  • Wakeup signals at Normal bus speeds

Kit Components:

  • (2) Fiber Optic CAN modules
  • (2) 10 meter Fiber Optic Cables  (optional 20 meter cables available)
  • 12 volt Power Supply
  • Durable Carry Case
  • Quick Start Guide & User Manual CD

Hardware Specifications:

  • Physical: 6.5” x 4.125” x 1.5”
  • Weight: 12.6 oz
  • Operating Range: -10 to 80°C
  • Electrical: 8-18 VDC, Nominal Currents