Part No.: MPSC-FlexSupply-S
The FlexSupply-S was designed especially for supplying measurement technology in test vehicles.



Product Information

The FlexSupply-S was designed especially for supplying measurement technology in test vehicles. Supply voltages drops caused by e.g. overlong lines to measurement technology components or the start-up process are effectively compensated.

At the same time, suitable countermeasures have been established to safeguard the circuit against inductive as well as generator voltage transients that can occur due to switched inductive loads. In this switching power supply based on synchronized technology, the output voltage can be variably adjusted from 10 V and 24 V via a trimmer (on-board) or an external potentiometer, depending on the variation. The module works with an input voltage of 6 V to 28 V. To warrant the input inverse-polarity protection, the module is safeguarded with an external 25 A fuse.

Optionally, the DC/DC Converter can also be loaded with a load-dump protection. Further special variations are available on demand.



  • Extremely high efficiency > 95%

  • Variable output voltage

  • Robust aluminum casing


  • Supply of measurement technology in test benches or test carrier that has to work independently from voltage drops.

  • 24 V supply in 12 V on-board networks

  • -Voltage supply of vehicle components in test vehicles

  • Local voltage buffering

Scope of Supply

  • FlexSupply-S (device)


  • Customer-specific plug connectors and adapter cables


  • Input voltage can be both higher or lower than the output voltage

  • Transient protection

  • Inverse-polarity protection (25 A fuse)

  • Based on synchronized technology

  • Automatic buck/boost switch

  • Easy integration into the application

Technical Details

Input Voltage 6 to 28 VDC
Output Voltage 10 bis 24 VDC (adjustable)
Output Power 80 W (160 W possible short-term)
Efficiency > 95 % (typ. 96 %)(Input voltage > 10 V)
Operating Temperature
-40°C … +60°C (80 W Output)
-40°C … +70°C (40 W Output)
Input and Output Ripple < 100 mV (peak - peak)
Dimensions 104 x 105 x 38 mm