Part No.: MPSC-FlexMeasure-M
The FlexMeasure-M was designed especially for use in high-voltage test benches.



Product Information

The FlexMeasure-M was designed especially for use in high-voltage test benches. Due to a high-performance shunt, it is enabled to permanently measure currents of 500A.

Within the device, Rosenberger HVR200 box headers are installed as the standard for connecting the high-voltage lines. These limit the maximum continuous current to 230A via the patch plugs. However, higher currents are possible for a short period of time (<10 sec).

Device-relatedly, currents of up to 1000A are possible for a maximum of 5 minutes due to corresponding contacting or patch plug dimensioning.

The measured current and voltage values are shown on a display on the device's top face. Furthermore, the measuring values are exported via a CAN and PWM interface as well as via analog outputs.

The standard dbc file for configuration is included. The CAN's default Baud rate amounts to 500kbit/s.


  • Current and voltage measurement up to 1000A and 800V

  • Measuring value output via CAN, PWM and analog outputs

  • Direct measuring value display and value output on CAN


  • Measuring of current and voltage by flexible integration in existing high-voltage networks in test benches

  • Measuring in hybrid and electric vehicles

  • Long-term monitoring of fuel cells and charge columns

  • Typical fields of application are e.g. air-conditioning compressor, on-board charger, high-voltage batteries


  • Measuring value output: -10 V to +10 V analog/CAN/PWM

  • Analog outputs for current and voltage measuring values: 1x BNC and LEMO 2-pole each

  • CAN interface on D SUB-9 patch plug

  • PWM interface on LEMO 4-pole

  • Station supply 5W max

  • Transmission up to 100kHz

  • Varying high-voltage hitches can be fitted to the FlexMeasure-M on demand.

Scope of Delivery

The following components are supplied with the FlexMeasure-M:

  • Connector cable voltage supply

  • Connector cable PWM output/current/supply

  • Connector cable CAN bus

  • Test record


  • Adapter cable set; individual software functions; high-voltage patch plugs

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Technical Details

Supply Voltage 9 V...27 V (DC)
Measuring Output Voltage -10 V... 0 V...10 V
Voltage Measuring Range -800 V ... +800 V (DC)
Maximum Permissible Voltagestandard
Patch Plug
600 V (DC)
Continuous Current Withstandard Patch
max. 230 A
Maximum Prmissible Continuous Current
Measuring Shunt
500 A
Maximum Permissible Current (t<5min)
Measuring Shunt
1000 A
Precision at 25°C < ±1 %
Linearity Error < ±0,5 %
Ambient Temperature -20°C...+60°C (*)
Cutoff Frequency 100 kHz
Metal casing dimensions(L x W x H) in
227 x 267 x 110
Interfaces:Outputs analog / CAN / PWM

The output PWM signal has a voltage lift of 5 V. In this, 50 % duty cycle corresponds to a measuring value of 0A. For negative measuring values, the duty cycle is <50%; for positive measuring values, the duty cycle is >50%.

The analog interfaces has a 10 V output lift:

  • 0 V output voltage corresponds to 0 V measuring value.

  • - +10 V output voltage corresponds to +800 V measuring value.