FlexIO-S Thermo

Part No.: MPSC-FlexIO-S-Thermo
The FlexIO-S Thermo is a low-cost thermocouple measuring module which permits electrically isolated temperature measurement by evaluation of four type K thermocouples.



Product Information

The thermal element measuring module FlexIO-S Thermo enables a galvanically separated temperature measurement by evaluating 4 type K thermal elements. These measuring values are exported cyclically via the CAN interface. 

It is suitable for operation in 12 V, 24 V and 48 V on-board networks due to the large supply voltage range of 6 V to 60 V. With the operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C it is ideally usable in test benches and test vehicles.

The included PC software enables the comfortable and easy configuration of the CAN messages' IDs and cycle times. After transmission to the hardware via USB, the configuration is saved there and can be mounted without PC connection.



  • Temperature measurement from -100°C up to +1372°C

  • 4 channel variation

  • Large supply voltage range of 6 V- 60 V

  • Galvanically separated measuring

  • Measuring value export on CAN bus


  • Precise, galvanically separated temperature measuring from -100°C up to +1372°C

  • Suitable for 48 V on-board networks due to supply from 6 V to 60 V

  • Cold-junction compensation for each channel


  • Experimental and test set-ups

  • Test benches/individual measuring tasks

  • Temperature monitoring in test vehicles

  • Temperature measurement in HIL set-ups

Scope of Delivery

  • FlexIO-S Thermo (device)

  • Configuration software for Windows

  • Connector cable (supply and CAN on banana plugs), length 2m

  • Manual

Accessories (Optional)

  • Customer-specific connector cable

  • Customer-specific type K measuring lines

Technical Details

Supply Voltage +6 VDC to +60 VDC
Test Port Voltage CAN bus (high-speed ISO 11898-2 A and ISO 11898-2 B)
Sensor Connections 4 or 8 type K thermal sockets green (DIN IEC 584)
Measuring Range -100°C up to +1372°C
Resolution Measuring Inputs Up to 24 Bit
Band Width 5 Hz
Sample Rate 10 SPS
Measuring Precision (@ Tu= 25°C) +/- 0,2%
Temperature Drift Measuring Inputs t.b.a.
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Type of Safety IP41
Dimensions (8 channel) 125 x 35 x 135 mm