FlexIO-S Analog

Part No.: MPSC-FlexIO-S-Analog
The FlexIO-S Analog measures voltages up to ±60 V and transmits the values on a CAN bus.



Product Information

The main application of FlexIO-S Analog is to evaluate voltages and to send the measured values to the CAN bus. However, FlexIO-S Analog can also recreate voltages of up to ±10 V and supply sensors. 

For communications purposes, the device hardware comes with CAN, LIN, SENT and USB interfaces (LIN and SENT on demand). Two interfaces with two sing-ended inputs each as well as two differential analog inputs are available. Each analog interface also has a sensor supply of 5 V and an analog output. With a large supply voltage range, FlexIO-S Analog is suitable for on-board networks from 12 V to 48 V. The analog inputs' measuring range can be configured independently: the 4 single-ended inputs from ±15 V up to ±60 V and the four differential inputs from ±0.25 V up to ±10 V. The analog outputs can be adjusted from 0-5 V up to ±10 V.

For quick and easy configuration, the FlexIO-S Analog hardware includes a graphic PC surface. With this, the user can embed a DBC file and set-up the measuring and output ranges as well as additional digital filters for each channel. All adjustments can thereby be transferred to the device via USB and permanently saved there. There is no PC connection necessary for the actual operation.



  • 4 configurable measuring inputs for voltages up to ±60 V

  • 4 differential measuring inputs with 50 V common-mode range

  • 2 analog outputs up to ±10 V

  • Supply voltage of 6 V to 60 V

Fields of Application

  • Experiment and test set-ups with analog sensors

  • Test benches/individual measuring tasks

  • Signal and voltage monitoring

  • HIL set-ups with FlexIO-S Digital (digital counterpart)


  • Precise measuring of voltages up to ±60 V

  • Recreation of voltages up to ±10 V

  • PC surface for configuration via USB

  • Easy integration of DBC files

  • 48 V supply suitable for on-board networks from 6 to 60 V

  • Supply of 5 V sensors with up to 100 mA

  • Adjustable digital filters via the PC surface

Scope of Delivery

  • FlexIO-S Analog (device)

  • Configuration software for Windows

  • Supply cable: 2m LEMO on banana plugs

  • USB connector cable

  • Manual (German)

Accessories (Optional)

  • Calibration

  • Standard cable set

  • Customer-specific connector cable

  • Customer-specific software implementation for

    • LIN bus interface

    • SENT bus interface

    • TEDS interface

    • Analog current output

Technical Details

Supply Voltage 6 – 60 Vdc
Power Consumption Max. 100 mA + Sensorversorgungsstrom wenn benutzt
Communications Interfaces
1x LIN bus (on demand)
1x SENT bus (on demand)
4x single-ended analog inputs
Analog In- and Outputs
4x differential analog inputs
2x analog outputs
5 Vdc ± 1 %
Sensor Supply
5 Vdc ± 1 %
2connectors, 100mA each
Resolution Measuring Inputs 16 Bit
Measuring Ranges Single-ended Inputs
Unipolar: 0-30 V/0-60 V
Bipolar: ±15 V/±30 V/±60 V
Measuring Ranges Differential Inputs*
Unipolar: 0-0,5 V/0-1 V/0-5 V/0-10 V
Bipolar: ±0,25 V/±0,5 V/±1 V/±2,5 V/±5 V/±10 V
Common-mode Range Differential Inputs*
±50 V
CMRR Differential Inputs Min 70 dB
Input Impedance ≥100 kΩ
Bandwidth 1 kHz (2nd degree filter, additional digital filters adjustable)
Sample Rate Per channel: internal: 8 kSPS- external: adjustable from 0 to 2ksps
Measuring Precision (@ Tu= 25°C)
Single-ended: ±0,1 % + 3 mV
differential: ±0,1 % +10 mV for measuring ranges ≤1 V; ±0,1 % +2 mV for
measuring ranges ≥2,5 V
Temperature drift Measuring Inputs Max. 20 ppm/K (Offset + Gain)
Resolution Analog Outputs 16 Bit
Analog Output Ranges
Unipolar: 0-5 V / 0-10 V
Bipolar: ±5 V / ±10 V
Precision Analog Outputs (@ Tu= 25°C) ±0,02 % of end of range value
Temperature Drift Analog Output Max. 7 ppm/K (Offset + Gain)
Slew-rate Analog Outputs 0,5 V/µs
Maximum Current Analog Outputs 10 mA (load resistance > 1kΩ), max 500 nF
Comfiguration Interface USB 2.0
Operation Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Type of Safety IP51
Type of Safety 95 x 140 x 35 mm
*Every measuring input was max. 60 V to Mass (KL31)