FlexGen-M SENT

Part No.: MPSC-FlexGen-M-SENT
This is a versatile, mobile, autonomous platform with which sensor data can be recorded, processed and generated.



Product Information

The FlexGen-S SENT is a variably usable, mobile and self-sufficient platform that offers comprehensive options to gather, process and generate sensor data. By doing so, it is both possible to read out connected SENT sensors and to simulate virtual sensors.

Via an event button, different functions for manipulating signals can be realized. Thus, it is possible for example to purposefully test defined error cases or the threshold value behavior of connected control units.

The FlexGen-M SENT comes with a synchronization interface for cascading several devices. Therefore, the behavior of redundant sensors can also be simulated.

With the USB interface, there is the possibility to connect the simulator with a PC. Via a PC application included, all the parameters for configuring a SENT interface can be set up comfortably.

In addition to having the option to produce FlexGen-M SENT's software, use and display elements according to customer specifications, other interfaces like CAN, LIN or analog channels are also possible due to the device-inherent modular construction.



  • Display, simulation and manipulation of sensor data

  • Integrated error simulation

  • Manifold configuration options for discretional sensors

Fields of Application

  • Error simulation/error analysis

  • Test benches

  • Simulation of real sensors for testing special marginal conditions

  • Verification of control unit behavior

  • Data analysis, measuring technology, data conversion to other bus systems


  • SENT interfaces according to SAE J2716 R ev. 01/2010 and downward compatible

  • Supply voltage 2-28 V (short-circuit and reverse current protected)

  • 2 SENT interfaces (1x receiver, 1x transmitter)

  • Set-up and display option within the device with various switches, rotary encoders and event buttons

  • Display for displaying set-up parameters and current SENT values

  • Robust device with the option of extending by additional modules

  • Stand-alone operation without PC for mobile test bench applications

  • Complete support of slow channel with Short Serial Message Format and Enhances Serial Message Format

  • Simulation of Single Secure sensors with automatic generation of message counter and inverted data nibble

  • Synchronized data manipulation of redundant sensors by cascading several devices

Scope of Delivery

  • FlexGen-M SENT (device)

  • Connector cable (voltage supply, SENT interfaces, synchronization, USB)

  • Configuration software including USB driver

  • Manual

Technical Details

Supply Voltage 8 - 28V LEMO EXJ.1B.302.HLD
Operation Temperature -20°C to +60°C (extended tempera-ture range possible on demand)
Display 4x20 characters, LC display
3x LEDs (Rx, Tx, event button)
1x rotary switch
2x rotary encoder
1x event button
SENT Receiver LEMO EGG.1B.303.CLL
SENT Transmitter LEMO EGJ.1B.303.CLA
Synchronization Sub-D 9 pol. Stecker (incl. CAN)
Dimensions 200 x 106 x 60 mm
USB USB 2.0 Full-Speed (USB Device)