FlexGen-M PWM

Part No.: MPSC-FlexGen-M-PWM
The FlexGen-M PWM is a powerful PWM generator by which a variable PWM signal can be generated.




Product Information

The FlexGen-M PWM is used to generate variable PWM signals with output currents up to 10 A. The frequency and pulse duty factor are both adjusted via a rotary encoder with a rough and fine function. With the help of a selector switch, concrete frequency ranges can be chosen for adjusting up to 10 kHz.

The pulse duty factor is adjustable via:

  • internal rotary encoder

  • external control voltage 0… 10 V

  • CAN (optional)

  • course of profile configurable via USB (optional)

All adjustable parameters can be read on the integrated display. Due to the robust aluminum casing as well as the high-quality control elements, it is excellently suitable for the hard, mobile use in test benches. Via the analog input, a duty cycle of 0 to 100% can be adjusted with a gauge 0… 10 V (e.g. of an automation system).

In addition to the basic functions, the generator comes with an automated duty cycle drive already in its basic version. In this, a pre-defined duty cycle ramp is run down at a fixed adjustable frequency. The start and stop values, the ramp time, the hold time and the number of drives are freely tunable



  • Generation of power PWM signals up to 10 a with frequencies of 1 Hz to 10 kHz

  • Self-sufficient function also possible without a test bench

  • Activation via analog Input and CAN (optional)

  • Control algorithm for actuators with absolute position transducer (optional)

Fields of Application

  • Activation of regulating flaps and actuators like throttle valves, AGR valves, turbocharger controllers

  • Text and calibration of lamps, heating wires etc. in passenger vehicles

  • PWM signals for test bench and test vehicle

  • Stress test of relevant consumers


Optionally, a CAN interface is also available with which the duty cycle settings and frequency specifications can be executed. In this, the necessary CAN ID and Baud rate are freely parametrizable.

With the USB option, complex duty cycle courses can be generated with a PC software, filed on the device and retrieved also without PC connection.

Technical Details

Voltage Supply
5A Version: 9-18 V DC (inverse-polarity protected)
10A Version: 8-28 V (inverse-polarity protected)
Output Current TV 100 %
5A Version: 5 A
10A Version: 10 A
Pulse duty Factor/Resolution 0-100 % / 0,1 % bzw. 1 % (switchable)
Frequency Range 1 Hz to 10 kHz (ranges: 1 Hz - 100 Hz/100 Hz - 1 kHz/1 kHz - 10 kHz)
Frequency Resolution 0,1 % / 1 % of the range end value (switchable)
Output Type Power Amplifier H full bridge, short-circuit proof
Display 4 lines OLED display
Edge Steepness (12 V) typ. 10 V/µs
Casing Dimensions app. 200 x 106 x 60 mm
Ambient Temperature -40°C to +80°C (operation)
PWM Output Amplitude virtually supply voltage (depending on load current)
Internal Contact Resistances
5A Variante: < 80 mΩ
10A Variante: < 50 mΩ
Analog Input 0-10 V (for pulse duty factor specifications from outside)
Connectors: Voltage Supply
5A Version: LEMO ExJ.1B.302.HLD
10A Version: Banana sockets 4 mm
Connectors: PWM Output
5A Version: LEMO ExA.1B.302.HLN
10A Version: Banana sockets 4 mm
Connectors:: Analog Output BNC
Connector Cable (Scope of Delivery)
5A Version: Lemo on banana plug, length 2 m
10A Version: No
Order Number Basic Device
5A Version: 70007350
10A Version: 70007386
Option 1: CAN Interface CAN interface (Highspeed ISO 11898-2 A and ISO 11898-2 B)
Option 2: Control Algorithm
Activation of actuators with position feedback, learning function and P-I-D
shares configurable, Sensor supply 5 V+/- 100 mV
Option 3: Analog Output 0... 10V for measuring purposes, depending on TV 0... 100%
Option 4: USB/PC Configuration Software USB interface, PC software for configuring complex pulse duty factor profile courses
Special Version 1: 20 A
5A Version: No
10A Version: On demand
Special Version 1: 20 A On demand
Special Version 3: PWM Output Amplitude Adjustable Amplitude adjustable from 8-18 V independent of supply voltage, restricted to 3 A carry current, amplitude voltage shown on display