CarTrain "Air Conditioning and Electric Drive Trainer for High Voltage Vehicles"

Part No.: MPLCNL-CarTrain-Air-Conditioning-and-Electric-Drive-Trainer-for-High-Voltage-Vehicles
The "high-voltage and air conditioning training system" from the well known CarTrain range guides students even further into the features of high-voltage systems in vehicles.


CarTrain "Air Conditioning and Electric Drive Trainer for High Voltage Vehicles"

The "high-voltage and air conditioning training system" from the well known CarTrain range guides students even further into the features of high-voltage systems in vehicles. The system teaches specific diagnostic skills as well as the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge needed for a proper diagnosis or customer-oriented servicing of vehicles. In order to accomplish this objective, the training system focuses on the topics of high-voltage drive systems, intrinsic safety systems and high-voltage air conditioning equipment. The specific benefits imbued by the system are based on the fact that it possesses an authentic and operational high-voltage air-conditioning system of its own. This allows for observation of the individual components and execution of servicing work such as that commonly carried out at vehicle repair workshops. In addition, the training system is conceived in such a way that it is not possible for it to cause injury at any time.

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CarTrain "High Voltage and Air Conditioning Training System"

The training system for high-voltage and air-conditioning systems from the well established CarTrain range leads trainees further into the specific features of high-voltage electrical systems in vehicles. The system teaches specific diagnostic skills along with theoretical and practical know-how needed for appropriate diagnosis and customer-oriented service in and around electric vehicles. In order to achieve this objective, the training system focuses on the subject of high-voltage drives, systems for intrinsic safety and high-voltage air-conditioning systems.Trainees get the chance to make measurements directly on the traction motor without any contact, which is a huge benefit to safety. It is also possible to acquire an understanding of the pilot line or insulation monitor by carrying out measurements on them. Where the system really adds value is based on the fact that it includes an authentic, operational high-voltage air-conditioning system. This makes it possible to see the individual components of the system and to carry out the kind of servicing on them commonly done in modern repair shops. Trainees can record communication between system components on both the CAN bus and the LIN bus. Moreover, the training system is designed in such a way that the risk of hazards can be eliminated at all times.


  • Non-brand-specific training system
  • Combined apparatus for the topics of hybrid drives and high-voltage air conditioning systems in motor vehicles, set up on its own mobile experiment trolley
  • Fully operational high-voltage air conditioning system made with original vehicle components
  • Fully operational power electronics for controlling built-in working drive motor
  • Interactive training course on DVD with LabSoft browser, course software and additional virtual instruments, instructions and test questions. All test questions can be evaluated by means of a software module.

The following original vehicle components are built into the system:

  • High-voltage battery compartment with built-in power supply for high-voltage air-conditioning compressor
  • High-voltage air-conditioning compressor
  • Service maintenance plug
  • Pilot contact
  • Coaxial air-conditioning cable (of suitable length)
  • High-pressure air-conditioning pipe (of suitable length) with service connection
  • Low-pressure air-conditioning pipe (of suitable length) with service connection
  • Condenser with drier
  • Fan for condenser
  • Control unit for condenser fan
  • Evaporator
  • Air piping
  • Evaporator fan
  • Expansion valve

The system also includes the following components:

  • Control electronics for controlling electrical components via USB computer connection
  • Temperature sensor for air inlet temperature
  • Temperature sensor for air outlet temperature
  • Temperature sensor for condenser temperature
  • Condensation collecting tray

The following measurements and checks can be made via 4-mm safety sockets:

  • Measurement of pilot line
  • Screening tests
  • Checking of insulation resistance
  • Measurement of the functioning of an insulation monitor
  • Measurement of voltage on the driving motor
  • Measurement on DC link circuit of inverter
  • Measurement of bodywork ground
  • Measurement of CAN signals for controlling high-voltage air-conditioning compressor
  • Measurement of LIN signals for fan control
  • Measurement of PWM signal for controlling condenser fan
  • Measurement of 12-V on-board network voltage
  • Measurement of voltage from air inlet temperature sensor for high-voltage battery cooling
  • Measurement of voltage from air outlet temperature sensor for high-voltage battery cooling
  • Measurement of voltage from condenser temperature sensor

The system features built-in measurement and display instrumentation and allows the following measurements to be evaluated graphically:

  • Measurement of time traces for output current and voltage and graphic display in a timing diagram with 16 selectable channels
  • Measurement, calculation and graphic display of time traces of RMS values, mean values and AC components of current and voltage
  • Measurement, calculation and graphic display of current and voltage spectra
  • Voltmeter, 0 – 400 V=/~
  • Measurement of currents up to 10 amps

The training system features the following power supplies:

  • 3-phase converter for selecting type of modulations for output voltage via the power electronics and for controlling the drive motor
  • Analog function generator for sine waves, triangular waves, square waves, logic levels, positive DC voltage and negative DC voltage
  • Internal pulse generator

The training system features the following function modules:

  • Fully operational, authentic motor emulating original components, designed for safety to prevent any contact
  • Built-in insulation monitor as used in the car industry with light to indicate insulation faults
  • Driving mode switch for switching between various driving situations
  • Pilot line with 5 externally accessible safety points
  • Fault circuitry with 13 faults which can be switched on or off as needed

Designed to convey the following training contents:

  • Implementing safety regulations for electrical systems
  • Implementing safety regulations for air-conditioning systems
  • Understanding customers' problems
  • Developing a test routine
  • Diagnosing malfunctions in the high-voltage and air conditioning systems with the help of manufacturers' documentation and diagnostic equipment
  • Working with circuit diagrams
  • Understanding interactions in the system on the basis of circuit diagrams and function plans
  • Recognising how a fault affects the system as a whole and establishing means of rectification
  • Evaluating measurements
  • Isolating intrinsically safe high-voltage systems
  • Maintaining air-conditioning systems
  • Regulations and fundaments for high-voltage systems
  • Regulations and fundaments for air-conditioning systems
  • Isolating high-voltage systems
  • Safety regulations for electrical equipment
  • Safety regulations for air-conditioning systems
  • Environmental protection
  • Servicing work
    • Checking test instruments
    • Service information
    • Carrying out servicing of a high-voltage system
    • Carrying out servicing of an air-conditioning system
    • Deactivating and reactivating high-voltage systems
    • Deactivating and reactivating air-conditioning systems
    • Carrying out repairs on a high-voltage system
    • Carrying out repairs on an air-conditioning system
  • Diagnostic work
    • Carrying out diagnostic work and troubleshooting on a high-voltage system
    • Carrying out diagnostic work and troubleshooting on an air-conditioning system
  • Design and function of components in a high-voltage system
    • Three-phase motor
    • Inverter/power electronics
    • High-voltage battery
  • Design and function of components in a high-voltage air-conditioning system
    • Air-conditioning compressor
    • Condenser
    • Evaporator
    • Expansion valve
    • Piping
  • Investigation of components by measurement

Operating voltage and current:

  • Input voltage:
    • 230 V AC, 50Hz, 16A
  • Output voltages:
    • DC-link voltage 300 V DC
    • Drive motor voltage 0-350 V AC
    • On-board network voltage 12.5-13.8 V DC

Please note, for countries with 230V power supply or above, a single phase power point is sufficient. For countries with 110V to 208V power supply, a three phase connection is required!

Control of inverter:

  • Clock frequency for inverter selectable between  1, 4 and 8 kHz


  • Length 1075 mm, width 700 mm, height 1650 mm


  • 166 kg

Additionally Required

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Diagnostic Work on High-Voltage Vehicles

This set provides you with the optimum safety equipment for any type of work on hybrid or electric vehicles. The fact that all these products have been developed and manufactured in Germany means that they meet the highest safety standards and comply with all essential German standards.

The set comprises the following items:

  • 1000 V electricians' safety helmet, "yellow" (DIN EN 397)
  • 1000 V face protection screen (DIN EN 166)
  • 1000 V electrical safety gloves, class 0
  • Fabric liner gloves
  • 1000 V insulating mat, 1000 x 1000 x 4 mm

1000 V Electricians' safety helmet, "yellow"  (DIN EN 397)

Light and modern protective helmet conforming to DIN EN 397, made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) with air holes, electrically insulating for up to 440 V AC or 1000 V in conjunction with a face screen, extension to protect the neck, with hygienic terry sweat band, rain channel and slits in the side for attaching ear and face protection, ratchet head strap, 8-hole interior strap adjustment, for hat sizes 50-66 cm, 310 g. Supplied in signal yellow.

1000 V Face protection screen (DIN EN 166)

Compliant with DIN EN 166 for combination with Electricians' safety helmet, full protection against flame arcs, short-circuit arc flashovers, liquid splashes and other damage for the whole face including ears, colourless, transparent, lifting protective screen.

1000 V electrical safety gloves, class 0

Compliant with DIN EN 60903, with test stamp for work in voltage ranges up to 1000 V, made of natural latex, anatomically shaped, optimum flexibility.

Fabric liner gloves

Glove liners for absorbing skin moisture and for better ventilation when wearing electrical safety gloves, made of 100% cotton, unbleached and not dyed, elasticated, especially good for protecting sensitive skin.

1000 V insulating mat, 1000 x 1000 x 4 mm

Protective mats for electrical switching rooms, tested in accordance with DIN EN 61111, resistant against weather, ozone, light, acid, oil and fire (UL 94 V-0). Mats 3 mm thick possess a dielectric strength compliant with voltage protection class 0 (1000 V), made of grey polymer (Shore A hardness 65° approx.), rupture strength > 10 N/mm , elongation at breaking point > 600%, high-quality rough surface (ribbed) to prevent slipping, abrasive wear < 300 mm, temperature-resistant from –30 °C to +70 °C. Mats are free of nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in compliance with EU 1272/2013.

CarTrain Measurement Cable Set (4mm, safety measuring leads) for CO3221-6P)

This set consists out of:

  • 5 x safety connection plugs, black 19/4 green
  • 2 x safety measurement leads, red 100 cm
  • 2 x safety measurement leads, black 100 cm

Insulation and Electrical Resistance Meter (Automotive)

This meter for testing insulation and measuring resistance allows for standard-conformant testing of electrical systems, such as testing of insulation resistance for high-voltage systems in hybrid or electric vehicles. The meter has the following attributes to make it the best instrument for use with high voltages such as those present in the aforementioned vehicles. Safe and comfortable measurement of insulation resistance is made possible in particular by the switchable measuring probes.

Technical features

  • Measurement of insulation resistance with test voltages of 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V and 1000 V (VDE 0413-2)
  • Determination of polarisation index (PI) and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR)
  • Selectable limits for ISO measurements, green LED for successful tests, red LED for test/external voltages
  • Resistance measurement using 200 mA test current for testing protective earth connections (VDE 0413-4) complete with zero calibration for measurement leads.
  • Switchable test probes for initiation of test procedures
  • Internal memory for 100 measurement values per measurement function
  • True RMS voltage measurement with low-pass filter
  • Includes pouch, switchable test probes

Additionally Recommended

Standard Group Lock Box for Lockout/Tagout (with 1 Padlock)

This lockable secure box gives you the option to keep keys and other items essential to security safe from unauthorised access. By using multiple padlocks (not included), it is even possible to arrange for multiple person protection. The box itself conforms to the highest standards of quality and can easily be moved thanks to its lightweight construction.

This box is ideal for preventing access to hybrid and electric vehicles in which the high-voltage system has been deactivated. Storing the key and the service/maintenance plug in here means that it is impossible for anyone to reactivate the HV system without authorisation. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance Equipment

Fully automatic air conditioning maintenance and servicing equipment for systems using 134a and HFO1234yf refrigerants. Easily understandable instructions shown on display. Automatic recycling procedure. Pumping, evacuation, cleaning and filling can all be carried out manually. Complies with SAE J-2788 for a high degree of refrigerant recovery and purity. Airtight, enclosed and refillable oil and contrast dye containers, comfort database, 2 x 12 kg refrigerant tank, automatic shut-off valve.

Key features

  • Usable with R134a and HFO 1234yf systems
  • Having two separate circuits inside the equipment prevents the two refrigerants becoming mutually contaminated
  • Rapid swap-over from one refrigerant to the other
  • Economic benefits thanks to using one system for two different refrigerants
  • Compact design thanks to 2-in-1 AIRCO station
  • Separate tubes and coupling for the two refrigerants
  • Four separate circuits for refrigerant oil and contrast dye
  • Fully automatic feeding of refrigerant, refrigerant oil and contrast dye, automatic venting of air
  • Built-in printer
  • Large 7" touch-screen display with touch-screen icon control for ease of operation
  • Separate class 1 pressure gauges for both refrigerants
  • Automatic shut-off valves in high-pressure and low-pressure circuits to allow greater ease of use
  • Leak testing in vacuum phase
  • 2 x 12 litre heated refrigerant tanks
  • Two separate compressors
  • Heated oil separator
  • Complies with SAE2788 (automatic venting of air, minimum 95% recovery of refrigerant, minimum accuracy +/-15 g)
  • 5 g scales for refrigerant oil
  • Selectable measurement units (g/kg or oz/lb)
  • Comfort database allowing manual entry of new models
  • Hermetically sealed, refillable containers for oil and contrast dye
  • Special software routine for changing oil or contrast dye
  • Equipped for use with refrigerant ID equipment (one refrigerant only)
  • Easy to change filters
  • Hybrid function (flushing of equipment and services tubing when using in vehicles with AIRCO electrical high-voltage compressors)
  • Leakage testing function using nitrogen or forming gas (nitrogen/hydrogen mix)
  • Design aimed at workshop use with tool shelf and storage for service tubing
  • Firmware updates via PC/USB port
  • Alarm functions for the following situations: excess pressure in system, tank full/empty, service interval, venting of air, insufficient refrigerant
  • Password-protected refrigerant management

Functions for hybrid vehicles

Many new AIRCO systems, especially in hybrid or electric vehicles, are equipped with a high-voltage compressor. Such a compressor works with a special kind of oil which does not conduct electricity. Use of ordinary oil can be hazardous for mechanics servicing the vehicle and can cause damage to the system. For this reason, the equipment and service tubing in systems with high-voltage compressors need to be flushed out internally before the system is filled with refrigerant oil and refrigerant itself. This flushing ensures that no ordinary, non-insulating oil is present in the system or can enter the system during filling and thus pose a risk to the safety of the system. The patented KoolKare system makes automatic internal flushing possible with the help of two additional service couplings from the KoolKare equipment to the nozzles for the service tubing.

AVL Ditest HV Safety 2000

When carrying out measurements on vehicles using high-voltage systems, special requirements are set with regard to safety for measurement and testing. This is why we provide a high-voltage measuring system "HV Safety 2000" with a USB interface. It has been specifically developed for automotive requirements. It allows for high-voltage safety requirements to be maintained in repair workshops and for measurement procedures to be documented.

The following functions are included:

  • Diagnostic and measurement procedures with built-in guidance
  • Initialisation and self-testing
  • Measurement confirming absence of power with thorough documentation
  • Measurement of insulation resistance as per SAE J1766
  • Voltmeter for up to 1000 V
  • Equipotential bonding conforms to UNECE R100
  • Measurement of resistance
  • Diode testing
  • Measurement of capacitance
  • Calibrated for reproducible accuracy
  • Power provided via USB port

Additionally required:

PC with up-to-date Windows operating system and two available USB-2 ports

Warning: The equipment is authorised exclusively for measurements on vehicles in conjunction with selected training systems, such as CarTrain CO3221-6K and CO3221-6D. Measurements on circuits connected directly to the mains are not permitted.


All-in-one PC

This PC represents a modern all-in-one computer which perfectly supplements the multimedia side of the training system. The advantage of such an all-in-one PC is its high degree of flexibility combined with outstanding performance. The PC has all the features of a modern desktop computer but also combines them with all the necessary peripherals (display and controls) in a single case. Additional cables (mouse, keyboard and screen) are not needed, meaning that the place where you work is neater looking and tidier. In addition the computer is pre-installed with the latest version of the Windows operating system. The all-in-one PC can be connected directly to your training system by means of a monitor holder, which is most practical.

Monitor Holder for Flat Screen Monitor of Weight up to 15kg / 33lbs

Pivoting monitor holder for attachment to aluminium profiles of furniture in the SybaPro range. Allows a monitor to be placed in the optimum position so that work and experiments are less tiring.

  • Pivoting arm with two-part joint
  • Quick-lock for adjustment to any height on extruded aluminium profile
  • VESA fastening 7.5 x 7.5cm
  • Includes VESA 75 (7.5x7.5) - VESA 100 (10x10) adapter
  • 2 Cable clips
  • Adequate carrying capacity 15 kg / 33 lbs
  • TFT monitor can be turned parallel to the table edge
  • Separation can be adjusted to anywhere between 105 and 480 mm

Additionally included:

Cable management set for installing cables along the profiles of the aluminium lab system furniture in the SybaPro range, consisting of:

  • 3 Cross cable blocks for front and rear grooves of aluminium profile
  • 3 Cross cable blocks for side grooves of aluminium profile
  • 12 Cable ties 
  • 4 Aluminium cover profiles for covering and enabling wires to be run along the grooves of an aluminium profile

Protection Cover for CarTrain/InsTrain Experiment Trolleys

Dust cover for CarTrain/InsTrain experiment trolleys

  • For protecting equipment from dust and damp
  • For keeping equipment out of sight
  • Colour: matt dark grey with printed LN logo in orange)
  • Material: nylon fabric with polyurethane coating
  • High resistant to tearing, impregnated to be washable and waterproof