Central Management of HART Field Devices With Emerson AMS Suite




Central Management of HART Field Devices With Emerson AMS Suite

The TACC software product extends Emerson’s AMS functionality by providing central access to HART devices via a PROFIBUS network. For this, TACC supports the use of Remote I/Os from all leading manufacturers, such as ABB, Altus, Pepperl+Fuchs, Siemens, STAHL, Turck and Wago. In combination with TH LINK PROFIBUS, the solution allows the parallel monitoring of the PROFIBUS network and the connected field devices.




Efficient Use of Field Devices in the Process Industry

  • Fast plant commissioning, fast replacement of defective devices
  • Simple remote device parameterization
  • Central management of all device parameters
  • Comprehensive monitoring of process-critical devices
  • Automatic creation of plant documentation

Additional Benefit From Integrated PROFIBUS Monitoring

  • Use of TH LINK PROFIBUS for simultaneous PROFIBUS diagnostics
  • TH LINK PROFIBUS optionally expandable by TH SCOPE diagnostics software

Ease of Use

  • Seamless integration into Emerson AMS
  • Accessibility of HART devices in familiar tool environment
  • Support for wide variety of different network accesses


Order Information


Scope of Delivery 

  • Software: TACC V 3.21 (by download)
  • Documentation: Installation Guide, Release Note

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