Part No.: MPST-PBpro-ETH
Remote PROFIBUS Interfaces for Use as Master or Slave




Remote PROFIBUS Interfaces for Use as Master or Slave

PBpro ETH is a family of interfaces for remote access to one, two, three or four PROFIBUS segments via Ethernet for device parameterization, controller programming and data acquisition. On the PC the remote interface acts like a local PROFIBUS board.



Wide Range of Applications

  • De-facto standard for device parameterization via FDT/DTM
  • PROFIBUS connection for PC-based measuring and monitoring systems
  • External PROFIBUS interface for PC-based field devices and embedded computer systems

Individual Protocol Settings for Each Channel

  • Access to process data and parameters in connected devices as PROFIBUS DP Master or Master Class 2 (also simultaneously with existing control systems)
  • Data exchange with controllers as PROFIBUS DP Slave
  • Integration into PROFIBUS FMS systems, or into proprietary applications via PROFIBUS FDL
  • Each channel acting as an individual PROFIBUS PC interface

Easy Administration and Efficient Integration

  • Assignment of IP address and configuration with accompanying “Search and Configure” tool and integrated web interface
  • Commented sample programs for easy use of the PROFIBUS application programming interface (API)
  • Free-of-charge communication DTM for PBpro ETH supporting parameterization of PROFIBUS devices by FDT tools


Order Information

Scope of Delivery 

  • Hardware: PROFIBUS Remote Interface
  • Software: Windows Drivers, Sample Programs, PROFIdtm
  • Documentation: User Guide


Order Numbers 

  • DEL-NN-012311: PBpro ETH; Single Channel
  • DEL-NN-012312: PBpro ETH; Dual Channel
  • DEL-NN-012313: PBpro ETH; Triple Channel
  • DEL-NN-012314: PBpro ETH; Quad Channel