This series of products allows you to integrate a DALI & DALI-2 network with the IoT world based on MQTT net.


IoT Gateway

DALI / MQTT - Converter

This series of products allows to integrate some DALI & DALI-2 devices into a MQTT network.

The HD67941-B2 are DALI / MQTT Converters.
They allow to publish and get the data from/to a DALI network into/from a MQTT Server.

These gateways allow a fast and easy access to IoT world and they are compatible with IoT Servers ( Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud.. etc and customized Servers) that support MQTT protocol.

The MQTT communication can be encrypted using TLS / SSL protocols, ensuring a SECURE and SAFETY communication.

To configure DALI network and test the communication, it is possible to use the available software that runs with Windows called DALI Console:

It works with the LAN port.
This software is very simple and it allows to see all the DALI devices connected to the converter, the Groups and the Scenes set; set/manage all their parameters.



DALI / MQTT - Converter ( Housing type: B, Terminal Blocks Connectors )


Ports 1xDALI; 1xEthernet
DALI Protocol MQTT
Ethernet Protocol DALI
Data Rates DALI 1200 bps
Data Rates BACnet 10/100 Base-T Autosening
DALI Connector 2way 5mm terminal block
DALI Connector RJ45
Power Supply 8..24V AC; 12..35V DC
Power Supply Connector 2way 5mm terminal block
Operating Temperature -40ºC/+85ºC (-40ºF/+185ºF)
Dimensions 36x60x95 mm(DxWxH)
Weight 200g approx
Mechanical Fixing DIN Rail montage
Software SW67841




Order Code Description
AC34011 Isolated Converter 100..240V AC to 12V DC stabilized - AC/DC
AC34012 Isolated Converter 100..240V AC to 24V DC stabilized - AC/DC
AC34131 Patch Cross Cable Cat6 2 Meters