Measurement Modules CSM

Part No.: MPVT-Measurement-Modules-CSM
The measurement modules of our partner CSM are extremely rugged, compact, efficient and highly precise over the entire operating temperature range.


Flexible, Precise and Reliable Measurement Technology

The measurement modules of our partner CSM are extremely rugged, compact, efficient and highly precise over the entire operating temperature range. CSM has been setting technological standards for years now, especially in the field of decentralized measurement technology. Its CAN measurement modules have proven themselves for over 15 years. They are in continual use worldwide and assure easy measurement of temperature, electrical voltages, mechanical stresses, rotational speeds, etc.

Measurement applications that require higher bandwidths need a fast communication stream with data throughputs which are higher than the CAN bus can provide. Here CSM utilizes Ethernet in conjunction with the EtherCAT and XCP-on-Ethernet protocols. EtherCAT is an established protocol for fast and synchronous measurement from test bench measuring instruments. XCP-on-Ethernet is a standard protocol for on-board ECU technology in the automotive field. The EtherCAT MiniModules from CSM make use of this protocol to enable synchronized high-speed measurements with measurement data rates of up to 1 MHz per channel.

CAN MiniModule

Decentralized measurements in vehicle trials or at the test bench place high demands on measuring instruments. Modules are required to be compact, rugged, reliable and easy to use. Thanks to their minimal package size and IP65/67 level of protection, CSM CAN MiniModules can be mounted directly in a vehicle's engine compartment close to the measuring points with no fear of the harsh environment having an impact on the data measured.

High-Voltage Measurement Systems

Measuring high-voltage components with proven safety in vehicle trials and on the test bench. CSM high-voltage measurement systems were specially developed for safe, precise acquisition of temperatures and analog signals in HV environments, especially in electric and hybrid vehicles. Measurement systems from CSM enable safe HV measurement from the sensor to data acquisition. They can be installed quickly and assure precise and reliable measurement results over the entire operating temperature range.

ECAT MiniModule

EtherCAT-based MiniModules from CSM are the optimal solution for measurement applications whose requirements exceed the capabilities of the CAN bus. EtherCAT is an established protocol for fast and synchronous measurement from test bench instruments. It sets standards for bandwidth, maximum number of channels and synchronism of measurement signals. As an Ethernet-based data bus, EtherCAT, offers short cycle times and low jitter. In addition, its distributed clock functionality ensures precise synchronization (≤ 1 μs) of all connected modules, regardless of the size of the measurement setup.


The XCP-Gateway is the interface between the data acquisition software, e.g. vMeasure CSM/exp, CANape or other 3rd party tools – and the EtherCAT measurement modules from CSM. It contains an EtherCAT master and an XCP-on-Ethernet slave.

Exhaust Gas Measurement Modules

LambdaCANc is a compact CAN measurement module for connecting numerous Bosch and NTK wideband lambda probes for acquiring lambda and O2 values. This enables them to determine the ideal fuel mixing ratio and optimize air flow and engine efficiency.

Current Sensors

Photo LEM sensor

Shunt-based current measurement under harsh environmental conditions: CSMshunt current sensors extend the application range of CAN-based and EtherCAT-based AD MiniModules from CSM. When connected to AD MiniModules, CSMshunts enable precise and reliable acquisition of current values in the electrical system. The CSMshunts are looped directly into the current path to be measured. When supplemented by voltage taps they enable combined measurement of current and voltage with the AD MiniModules.

Hall effect based measurement of highly dynamic currents under challenging environmental conditions: The LEM sensor package has been optimized for use with ECAT AD4 OG modules.

Configuration Software

Swift configuration of measurement chains: CSMconfig is the reliable configuration software for all CAN and EtherCAT® based measurement modules from CSM.

The clearly arranged and easy-to-use user interface allows an easy setting of all measurement parameters. This helps speeding up the measurement setup considerably.

CSMconfig provides the following features:

  • All parameters and metadata of the measurement modules can be configured online

  • Creation of description files (*.dbc / *.a2l) for import into MC and DAQ software

  • Integrated in vMeasure exp and CANape

  • Support of multiple CAN interfaces