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Vector supports you in the development, analysis and optimization of electronic vehicle networks and ECUs with various hardware components.


Vector Hardware Components

Vector supports you in the development, analysis and optimization of electronic vehicle networks and ECUs with various hardware components.

Our product range includes several interfaces that connect your PC to bus systems and networks such as CAN FD, LIN, J1708, Ethernet, FlexRay or MOST. Data loggers, scalable calibration and measurement hardware as well as modular test hardware for HiL systems complete the portfolio.

In addition, you can count on Vector's competent support in the development of ECUs for prototypes and small series productions with the Vector Controller hardware - from specification to production qualification.

Hardware A-Z


To get more detailed information about our accessories like Cables and
Adaptors, Vector PCMCIA, CardBus and ExpressCard Drives or
Accessories for GL Loggers and CANlog, please click the following link.

Bus Transceivers for
the Vector Interfaces

The Vector network interfaces have a flexible connection to the respective
bus system via interchangeable bus transceivers. The user has the choice
of several bus transceivers for CAN (FD), LIN, K-Line, FlexRay, Sensor
and J1708 bus systems. The transceivers are available as piggyback

(programmable input/
output device for the
CAN bus)

The CANextender is a programmable input/output device for CAN systems
that can be used where analog and digital measurements must be acquired
and transmitted to the CAN bus via CAN messages. For this purpose, the
CANextender reads in digital and analog signals and evaluates them
according to a configuration program created by the user. The configuration
program thus specifies via which CAN messages and how often the
measurement values are transmitted on the CAN bus.

CANlog (simple
loggers for CAN
and LIN)

CANlog 3 and CANlog 4 record the data communication of CAN and LIN
systems. Messages will be received, saved, and evaluated according to the
loaded configuration.

FRstress (stress
hardware module
for FlexRay)

FRstress generates reproducible disturbances in FlexRay systems. It can
generate protocol errors as well as manipulations in bus physics that are
activated by trigger conditions. FRstress is an easy-to-use hardware module
whose integration in the system differs depending on the desired fault injection.

GL Logger Family
(powerful data
loggers for different

The GL loggers are special automotive data recorders which can be used in test
vehicles or on test benches. They record measurement values and acquire the
data communications of CAN, LIN, FlexRay bus systems. In addition, GL loggers
store time-synchronously measured values from internal ECU parameters via
CCP/XCP and diagnostics, digital and analog inputs and GPS data.

from CSM

The measurement modules of our partner CSM are extremely rugged, compact,
efficient and highly precise over the entire operating temperature range. CSM has
been setting technological standards for years now, especially in the field of
decentralized measurement technology. Its CAN measurement modules have
proven themselves for over 15 years. They are in continual use worldwide and
assure easy measurement of temperature, electrical voltages, mechanical stresses,
rotational speeds, etc.

Network Interfaces

Software tools used to develop, simulate, test and maintain distributed systems
require powerful and flexible network interfaces. Vector offers you interfaces for
CAN (FD), LIN, J1708, Ethernet/IP, FlexRay, 802.11p and MOST as well as driver
software and programming interfaces for use with Vector software tools and in
customer-specific solutions.

Vector Controllers
(ECUs for specific
use cases)

Vector Controllers are ECUs that can be used universally for vehicle communication.
They are perfect for rapid development of functional samples and use in small series

FD disturbance

VH6501 is a flexible yet compact CAN (FD) disturbance hardware and a network
interface for CANoe combined in one device. It enables you to generate disturbances
of almost any kind precisely and reproducibly in CAN (FD) networks. This makes it the
ideal tool for testing the fault handling of nodes.

VT System (modular
test hardware for HIL

To test ECUs thoroughly, it is not only necessary to connect the communication networks
to the test system, it is also necessary to connect the I/O interfaces. This task is handled
by the Vector VT System. It simplifies the setup of test benches and HIL test systems
immensely, because it integrates all circuit components needed to connect an I/O channel
in one module. Examples of I/O channels are an ECU's output for controlling a headlamp
or input for connecting a brightness sensor. 

VX0312 (network
Interface for Ethernet
and CAN FD)

The VX0312 is a Ethernet / BroadR-Reach USB adapter with integrated
CAN-FD-connection developed to meet automotive requirements. XCP on Ethernet or
XCP on BroadR-Reach devices can quickly and reliably be connected via the VX0312 to
a computer having a measurement and calibration software installed.

VX1000 (scalable ECU
Interfaces for maximum
data transfer rates)

The VX1000 System is a scalable solution with top performance for your measurement and
calibration tasks. It can be used in the vehicle – both in the interior and in the engine
compartment –, on test benches and in the laboratory. The system forms the interface
between the ECU and a measurement and calibration tool such as CANape. For high data
throughput with minimal impact on ECU run-time, data is accessed over the
microcontroller-specific data trace and debug ports.

Trainings, Workshops and Knowledge

Vector offers numerous seminars and workshops dealing with Vector software tools, Vector standard software components, AUTOSAR and current bus technologies and protocols. Our training team consists of numerous experienced engineers who are pleased to impart their extensive knowledge and experience to others.