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Development kit for dsPIC


iCM4011 is a development kit for applications that require an embedded and autonomous processor. It consists of:

  • Development board
  • CD including complete product documentation, ingenia dsPIC bootloader software package (firmware + GUI for Windows), and USB drivers
  • USB cable

The development board is built around a Microchip dsPIC30F4011 Digital Signal Processor, specialized in acquisition operations and signal processing (up to 30MIPS). The main characteristics are:

  • Up to 30 I/O
  • 9 10-bit resolution ADC pins
  • 6 independent PWM timers
  • Quadrature encoder interface
  • Integrated RS232, RS485, CAN, USB, I2C and SPI

The development board also incorporates transceivers for popular communication standards (USB 2.0, RS232, RS485, and CAN).

All of the processor’s pins are routed out the board (except clock and power) through 2.54mm-pitch headers, giving you the flexibility to make all port configurations.

The processor comes preprogrammed with a bootloader firmware package that allows for reprogramming of the device. In this way, a program can be loaded through an RS232 or USB port in a few seconds without the need for an external programmer.

iCM4011 also facilitates ICSP programming/debugging (via a Molex 53398-0571 connector), for firmware developers who require debugging by means of external tools. The PIC-ICD2 can be used for in-circuit debugging on the iCM4011. However, its ICSP connector is different, so you must be sure to wire the pins correctly.

The list of applications for which the iCM4011 development kit is suitable is very extensive. For example, a user familiarized with the architecture of the processor would be able to carry out the acquisition of a voice signal, its digital processing (IIR, FIR, adaptative codification) and the subsequent sending of samples to a PC through USB port. Other applications that can be developed for the iCM4011 include:

  • Motor control
  • Communication bridges (USB to I2C, RS485 to I2C, RS232 to SPI, etc.)
  • Human interfaces (LCD control, sensor measurement, reading of push-buttons, keyboards, etc.)

Microchip dsPIC Development Board Specifications

Electrical Data

  • Recommended operating range: 5 to 12V DC
  • Maximum supply voltage: 16V DC
  • Maximum supply current: 250mA
  • I/O max. current per pin: 20mA
  • I/O max. current source: 100mA
  • Temperature range: 0 to 70 degrees C
  • Power supply modes: Regulated / USB (auto switching)

Processor Data

  • Processor type: RISC MCU + DSP (dsPIC30F4011)
  • Program Flash: 48 kBytes
  • Data RAM: 2048 Bytes
  • Data EEPROM: 1024 Bytes
  • I/O ports: 30
  • ADC: 9 channels; 10 bits/sample
  • Motor control features: 6 PWM channels, Quadrature encoder interface
  • Other features: 5 timers, 4 input capture/compare, brown-out reset
  • External pins available: All except AVDD and OSC1/CLKIN

LED indicators

  • Green: Power On
  • Red 1: USB Tx
  • Red 2: USB Rx

Integrated Interfaces and Transceivers

  • I2C*: SDA; SCL
  • USB**: Data+; Data-
  • RS482**: 485A; 485B
  • RS232**: RxD; TxD
  • CAN: CAN_High; CAN_Low * SPI or I2C available one at a time via jumper setting
    ** USB, RS485 or RS232 available one at a time via jumper setting

Mechanical Specifications

  • Size: 38.1 x 38.1mm (1.5 x 1.5")
  • Weight: 30g (1.06 oz)
  • Connector J1 (dsPIC): 12-pin, 2.54mm (0.1") pitch
  • Connector J2 (dsPIC): 11-pin, 2.54mm (0.1") pitch
  • Connectot J3 (dsPIC): 12-pin, 2.54mm (0.1") pitch
  • Connectot J4 (dsPIC): 8-pin, 2.54mm (0.1") pitch
  • Connector J5 (bootloader): 5-pin, 1.25mm (0.0492") pitch
  • Connector J6 (USB): USB-Mini-B (5-pin)
  • Connector J7 (ICSP): 5-pin, 1.25mm (0.0492") pitch




     Download MP-iCM4011 Specification 

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