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Part No: MP-Micro-PIC-16F87X

This product has discontinued.
It is replaced by a more advanced MPLAB ICD 3 .


Microport, the third party of Microchip, has announced her Super ICD is a powerful, low-cost, run-time development tool.

The super ICD is based on the flash PIC16F87X and can be used to develop for this and other PICmicro microcontrollers from the 16CXX family.

Super ICD also utilizes the In-circuit debugging capability built into the PIC16F87X. It also offers cost-effective In-Circuit flash programming and debugging from the graphical user interface of the Microchip’s MPLAB Integrated development Environment.

This enables a designer to develop and debug source program by watching variables, singe-step and setting breakpoints.

Running at full speed enables testing hardware in real-time.
The Super ICD is also a friendly programmer for the flash PIC16F87X family.

The Super ICD integrates Microchip’s MPLAB ICD(ICD module,ICD Header board) into one module, it connects the MPLAB integrated Development Environment to the super ICD through a PC Serial Port.

Under the MPLAB software environment the Super ICD programs and issues debug commands to the target PIC16F87X using the ICSP(In-Circuit Serial Programming) protocol. This protocol is communicated via a 5-inch. 6-conductor cable using a modular and jack. So a modular jack can be designed into a target board to support direct connection to the Super ICD, or the 40-Pin, 28-Pin emulation interface can be used to connect to the DIP socket target board through a 40-Pin(or28-Pin) flat-cable. The super ICD provides 4-LED indications(1)Internal Power (2)External Power (3)programming(+13V) (4)connect:to let user understand the Super ICD^s condition all the time.

The use of internal power or external power is selectable.

Microport also issues a powerful evaluation module PIC_EVM super 201 for user’s more advanced applications.

Super ICD Features:

˙In-Circuit run-time debugging

˙Real-time code execution


˙One hardware breakpoint

˙Variable watching
0V to 5.5V
2KHz to 20MHz

˙Integrated development (Super ICD) with 40-Pin cable, 28-Pin cable,
Programmer interface

˙Uses Microchip’s free MPLAB integrated development environment





˙Project Manager

˙Source level Symbolic debug

˙Interface to Super ICD and other hardware tools such as demo board, target
board(PIC_EVM Super201, Optional), programmer board(Optional)

Devices Supported:

˙16F873; 16F874; 16F876; 16F877

Standard equipped:

˙Integrated Super ICD*1

˙40-Pin flat-cable*1

˙6-Pin T-cable (Apr:5-inch long)*1

˙power Adaptor (9V/500mA)*1

˙Microchip’s MPLAB Integrated Development Environment

Optional Devices:

˙PIC_EVM Super 201

˙PIC In-Circuit Programmer

     Download PIC16F87X SUPER ICD Specification 

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