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Hardware Specification:

CPU: Intel 8032 or Compatible.

Clock: 11MHz on Board or External.


ROM: 32K EPROM, occupied by BIOS.

I/O Range: 7F00~7FFF.

Keyboard: 56 keys which include A~Z & 0~9, and special ASCII symbols.

Display: on board 40x2 LCD module.

Printer interface (Built-in): Standard Centronics interface. IBM PC compatible

RS-232 interface(Built-in): The 8032 internal serial port controls the data transmission. Both Download & Upload.

Expansion Interface: Data Bus, Port 1, Port 3, Vcc, GND, Decoded I/O address, and some control signals are extended for user applications.

Status port: The status port is used to display the keyboard status such as caps lock, Ins, Ctrl+P. In addition, it provides the speaker interface to generate sound.

Speaker: The 2.25”Speaker can be used for output applications.

Power: An Adaptor of AC110V(or220V) / DC7.5V, or Switching Power Supply (Optional)

Software Functions:

Two-Pass Assembler. Label is Assignable.

Communication Function: Upload/Download programs To / From External system.

8051/52 Assembler and Disassembler.

RS-232 Driver.

Internal Memory Display and Edit.

Keyboard Driver.

Program Memory Display, Edit, Fill, Move.

Printer Driver.

SFR register contents display, Rewrite.

LCD Driver.

Single Step program Execution.

BIOS Resume Driver.

Display: on board 40X2 LCD module.

E(E)PROM Programmer Driver.

Program Execution Control: Display/Edit internal & External memory & SFR Registers, Breakpoint setup, Multiple step execution & Skip subroutine execution are provided for program Debugging.

Built-in Experiment Program Samples:

1).4-digit counter.
2).Up/Down counter.

3).LED shifting.
4).Static scanning.

5).Shifted static scanning.

6).LCD display (I)

7).LCD display (II).
8).Dot matrix display (I).

9).Dot matrix display (II).

10).Versatile LEDs displaying

















Standard Parts:

1. System with 32K SRAM on Board

4. BGC-8052User’s Guide

2. Power Adaptor

5. RS-232 Cable

3. RS-232C System Diskette

6. Date Storage (with 40Pin Cable)


     Download BGC-8052 Specification 

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