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 EDS-8821 Data Storage (Programmer I)

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EDS-8821 Data Storage (Programmer I)


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EDS-8821 Data Storage (Programmer I)



Hardware Specification:

Programmer I, EDS-8821

50-Pin IDC Flatcable

Driver Routine(already built-in BIOS V3.5)

Multi-I/O Lab Card(option)

Diskette with Driver routine(for PC, optional)


Software and Reference:

User’s Guide included.This Programmer can be used with BGC-8088 by

connecting from 50pin PCI(without EDS-8814),or from 62-pin expansion slot (EDS-8814 is Needed) of BGC-8088 V3.5

In addition, it can be used on IBM PC or Compatibles, EDS-8814 and the diskette with Driver Routines are Needed.

     Download EDS-8821 Data Storage (Programmer I) Specification 

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