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 Print Port 8255/8254 Card (Phased Out)

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Print  Port 8255/8254 Card (Phased Out)


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Print Port 8255/8254 Card (Phased Out)


-8255/8254 Card

Functions and Features:

˙ This card contains two 8255 and one 8254.

˙ Provides six programmable parallel I/O ports.

˙ Provides programmable timer/counter.

˙ Use Print Port to perform the control and teaching of 8255/8254 without
   dismounting computer’s case.

˙ Suitable for Notebook and PC to perform different types of input/output

˙ Three 40-pin I/O ports


Example Experiments:

1. Experiment of Racing Light

2. Experiment of Keyboard and Display

3. Experiment of LCD Module

4. Experiment of Dot-Matrix display of Chinese and English

5. Experiment of a Stepping Motor

6. Experiment of A/D, D/A Converter

7. The communication between the printers of the two PCs

8. The programmable timer/counter

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