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 Spartan-3 StarterDaughterKit-200

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Spartan-3  StarterDaughterKit-200


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Spartan-3 StarterDaughterKit-200

One of the BEST Platforms for providing Beginners rapid knowledge of necessary tools to design

and verify the Spartan-3 family chips

Easy to learn, User-friendly, Cost-effective, Suitable for entry-level/R&D users

Circuit board function descriptions:

  • Spartan-3 XC3S200-PQ208 has 200,000 system gate counts

  • 4 layers PCB board layout, SMD components mounted

  • Xilinx Configuration Flash Memory equipped

  • On board pulse generator is configurable,jumper is used to obtain the desired frequencies ranging from 1MHz to 200MHz.

  • All the I/Os of FPGA are connected to the application interface, users can design the desired circuit connections. Suitable for all application circuits

  • Circuit dimension: 122mm x 68mm

  •      Download Spartan-3 StarterDaughterKit-200 Specification 

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