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 Spartan-3 Supreme Development Kit-400

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Spartan-3 Supreme Development Kit-400


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Spartan-3 Supreme Development Kit-400
Xilinx FPGA, Xilinx FPGA daughter Board, Xilinx Mother Board, Xilinx FPGA Development Platform,FPGA開發板, Xilinx Spartan 3, USB to JTAG, Platform Cable USB, IP of FPGA


The BEST Platform of providing Beginners
rapid knowledge of necessary tools to design
and verify the Spartan-3 family chips

Easy to learn,User-friendly,Cost-effective, Suitable for entry-level/R&D users

Circuit board function descriptions:

˙ Spartan-3 XC3S400-PQ208 with 400,000 system gate counts

˙ 4-layer PCB board layout, SMD components mounted

˙ Xilinx Configuration Flash Memory equipped

˙ On board pulse generator is configurable,jumper is used to obtain the
    desired frequencies ranging from 1MHz to 200MHz.

˙ All the I/Os of FPGA are connected to the application interface, users can
    design the desired circuit connections.Suitable for all application circuits.

˙ Circuit dimension: 122mm x 68mm


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