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 FPGA Development Platform

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FPGA Development Platform


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FPGA Development Platform
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Mother Board

  •  The daughter boards of Spartan-3 XC3S300-PQ208, Spartan-3 XCS400-PQ208, Spartan-3 XCS1000-FT256 can be plugged into this board practicing multifunction demonstration.
  • It includes the following I/O devices
  1. Four 7-segment LEDs

  2. Eight Tact-switches

  3. Eight LEDs

  4. 4 x 4 keyboard interface (KBD is optional)

  5. VGA output interface

  6. Two RS232 ports

  7. One RS485 port

  8. One CANbus interface

  9. Text-mode LCD interface (LCD is optional)

  10. Graphic mode LCD interface (LCD is optional)

  11. SD/MMC slot

  12. 2CH 12-bit A/D converter

  13. 1CH 12-bit A/D converter

  14. 4M-bit SRAM

  15. 64M-bit DRAM

  16. 64Mb-bit Flash Memory

Basic Accessories

Option Accessories

  •  Demo programs download

  • Mother board testing program download

  •      Download FPGA Development Platform Specification 

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