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 Platform Cable USB 2 JTAG (for Xilinx)

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Platform Cable USB 2 JTAG (for Xilinx)


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Platform Cable USB 2 JTAG (for Xilinx)
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When DC power source of the target board is plugged with error connection, either the target board or the connected < Platform USB to JTAG Adaptor > is easily to be destroyed. Thanks to the function of patented circuit protection (same as Xilinxs), no unexpected current can damage your target board.

100% compatible with any kind of target boards.

Multi-purpose LED indicator.

Orange indicates linking with the computer

Green indicates the DC power of target board is already input, that means it prevents the power (+) and Ground (-) to be plugged into the wrong pins.

Red indicates the firmwares upgrading is processing.

This is the product that is widely adopted by the IC DESIGN HOUSE.

Platform Cable USB 2 JTAG (for Xilinx) detail  information

     Download Platform Cable USB 2 JTAG (for Xilinx) Specification 

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