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(Standard Version)
MPGC-IC-VPC3+C-CLF3 (Adds DPV2, 20% less current)


VPC3+C is a communication chip with 8 Bit Microprocessor interface for intelligent PROFIBUS slave applications. The VPC3+C is Pin, function and software compatible with Siemens SPC3. 6ES7-195-0BD04-0XA0

The VPC3+C handles the message and address identification, the data security sequences and the protocol processing for PROFIBUS-DP. In addition the acyclic communication and alarm messages, described in DPV1 extension, are supported. Furthermore the slave-to-slave communication Data exchange Broadcast (DXB) and the Isochronous Mode (IsoM), described in DPV2 extension, are also provided.

Automatic recognition and support of data transmission rates up to 12 Mbit/s, the integration of the complete PROFIBUS-DP protocol, 4 Kbytes communication RAM and the configurable processor interface are features to create high-performance PROFIBUS slave applications. The device can be operated with either 3.3V or 5V single supply voltage. For 3.3V operation the inputs are 5V tolerant.

There are two versions available, the VPC3+CLF (PALF2030, formerly PALF2003), and the VPC3+CLF3 (PALF2080 Formerly PALF2008). The VPC3+CLF3 adds DP-V2 clock synchronization, and uses 20% less current than the VPC3+CLF.


  • Pin and function compatible with SPC3 from Siemens
  • Supporting PROFIBUS DP-VO, DP-V1 & DP-V2 protocol
    (DxB + IsoM)
  • 4 KByte communication RAM
  • Configurable 8-Bit µController interface
  • 5V or 3,3V supply voltage, 5V tolerant inputs
  • Low power consumption
  • Software Stack (incl. new I&M functions) and Evaluation-Kit
  • Package PQFP44 (RoHS compliant)
  • NEW:
    • Support of Clock-Synchronisation (DP-V2)
    • 20% Reduced Power Consumption at 5V


PROTOCOLS Supporting PROFIBUS DP-VO, DP-V1 & DP-V2 protocol
MEMORY 4kB communication RAM
CERTIFICATIONS Package PQFP 44 (RoHS compliant)
SOFTWARE Pin, function and software compatible with SPC3 from Siemens
INPUTS 5V tolerant inputs

     Download VPC3+C Specification 

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