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 FOUNDATION fieldbus Configuration Tool (FF-CONF)

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FOUNDATION fieldbus Configuration Tool (FF-CONF)


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FOUNDATION fieldbus Configuration Tool (FF-CONF)
FOUNDATION fieldbus Configuration Tool (FF-CONF)


Free Windows-Based Software Tool for FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Network and Device Configuration

The FF-CONF is a stand-alone, Windows-based software package for offline configuration of FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF) networks and field devices. It is compatible with the Linking Device functionality of the Softing gateways FG-100 FF/HSE, FG-110 FF, andFIM-110 FF, and supports standard Device Description (DD) files. 

  • Comprehensive Configuration Functionality
  • Support of Standard Device Description Files
  • Software Not Requiring License Key


Configuration Software with Comprehensive Functionality

The FF-CONF is a Windows-based configuration tool, providing the functionality to define all the required FF network and device settings. This includes the definitionof Function Block linking and scheduling as well as bus parameter settings, and field device parameterization. Once the configuration work has been performed in offline mode, the configuration data is downloaded to the networks and field devices via the Softing hardware. The connected field devices are then displayed via the Live List. In addition, the online mode supports read and write access to the device parameters and allows the monitoring of process values. For performing the individual configuration tasks the FF-CONF includes a graphical user interface, which is designed for offline configuration and Live List display.

Support of Standard Device Description Files

The FF-CONF configuration software makes use of standard Device Description files, as available from the field device manufacturers or the Fieldbus Foundation. Any DD files of version V4.x or V5.x can be used. For configuration purposes this eliminates the need to obtain and install any proprietary Device Description files as required for individual host certifications.

Software Not Requiring License Key

The FF-CONF can be used without requiring a specific license key. The software tool is included in the scope of delivery of the Softing gateway and Linking Device products FG-100 FF/HSE, FG-110 FF, and FIM-110 FF or can be downloaded free of charge.

Technical Specifications

Property Detail
Supported Functionality
Device Type Library Management Adding and Removing of Individual FF H1 Device Description Files
Project Management Creation, Storage, and Deletion of Individual Configuration Projects
Network Configuration Configuration of PC, FF HSE subnet, FF HSE field devices, Softing Linking Devices, FF H1 Link, and FF H1
Field Devices
Network Live List Display of Active Devices in FF Networks
Function Block Application Function Block Linking and Scheduling
Handling of Host Devices Optional Customer Specific Host Systems, Participation in FF HSE Subnet
Build Functionality Fieldbus Configuration Data Generation and Checking
Download Functionality Download of Configuration Data to All Devices or to an Individual Device
Online Change of Parameters Monitoring and Changing of Individual Function Block Parameters Online
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows 7 (32Bit and 64Bit), Windows Server 2008 (32Bit and 64Bit) (as of October 2011)
Hardware Softing Gateways and Linking Devices FG-100 FF/HSE or FG-110 FF, Softing Fieldbus Interface Module FIM-110 FF
Fieldbus Foundation Conformance Host Integration System Test (HIST) Requirements Supported

Scope of Delivery

  • The FOUNDATION fieldbus Configuration Software FF-CONF is delivered with Softing^s Gateways and Linking Devices FG-100 FF/HSE and FG-110 FF and Softing’s Fieldbus Interface Module FIM-110 FF. In addition, the software can be downloaded free of charge by contacting us.




     Download FOUNDATION fieldbus Configuration Tool (FF-CONF) Specification 

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