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Part No:MPMW-Flex-FlexEntry

Especially for beginners, Ebersp?cher Electronics has assembled the FlexEntry for FlexRay, which enables the user to get quick and easy access into the topic at a very moderate price. FlexEntry includes all necessary parts for a functional FlexRay system.

The FlexEntry package with its full development environment is very easy to use. Unpack, stick together, connect FlexRay...then it works! You can customize the provided source code to your requirements, change the FlexRay parameters and cluster configuration with FlexConfig, compile it with GNU, make the download with the NoICE-tool....the full development environment offers a wide range of possibilities.


  • 2 FlexNodes - evaluation

  • 2 FlexCC MFR4310 - Communication modules

  • 1 FlexConfig Demo version

  • 1 BDM cable

  • 1 Power supply

  • 1 Programming library

  • 1 GNU - compiler for HCS12

  • 1 Text-editor with C-syntax programming the FlexNodes

  • 1 NoICE-Debugger

  • 1 Documentation

  • All necessary cables

     Download FlexEntry Specification 

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