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 FlexTiny iso

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FlexTiny iso


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FlexTiny iso
Part No

Part No:MPMW-Flex-Tiny-iso

The module FlexTiny iso is an interface hardware between FlexRay protocol devices and bus cables at a minimum size. It includes the physical layer device for the specific bus system. Bus termination can be selected by closing or opening soldering jumpers. It also provides the possibility of termination for the shielding of the bus cables if not implemented on the host module. It also offers an EEPROM with SPI to detect the modul parameters automatically and inverse-polarity protection by Samtec connectors. Its high degree of flexibility makes it suitable for use on any conceivable hardware platform.

New feature: Galvanic isolation for FlexRay, CAN, LIN and RS232 physical layer drivers in combination with the FlexXCon midget.

The modules can be applied in connection with the FlexXCon midget for the following bus systems:

  • FlexTiny iso FR TJA1080
    The driver module is equipped with a FlexRay driver TJA1080. 

  • FlexTiny iso CAN HS TJA1041
    The driver module is equipped with a CAN high speed driver TJA1041. 

  • FlexTiny iso CAN LS TJA1054
    The driver module is equipped with a CAN low speed driver TJA1054.

  • FlexTiny iso RS232 MAX3227
    The driver module is equipped with a RS232 driver MAX3227. 

  • FlexTiny iso LIN TH8082
    The driver module is equipped with a LIN driver TH8082.

Technical features

  • The FlexTiny iso has physical dimensions of 30mm width and 24mm height 

  • There are parts mounted on both sides (top and bottom) 

  • The module can be mounted either vertical or horizontal 

  • It is designed for card edge connectors of the MEC1 series from Samtec with a 1mm pitch, double sided with a total of 38 pins plus 2 pins for polarization

     Download FlexTiny iso Specification 

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