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 FlexOpto fd

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FlexOpto fd


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FlexOpto fd
Part No

Part No:MPMW-Flex-Opto-FD

FlexOpto FD is an optical decoupling device that supports FlexRay bus signals in a small housing. Both FlexRay connections of the FlexOpto fullduplex communicate via fiber optics so there is an electrical isolation between them. FlexOpto FD is powered by an external power source or optionally by an internal lithium-ion battery pack.

The FlexOpto FD is the ideal decoupling instrument for

  • Monitoring of complete systems during EMS measurements 

  • Decoupling of a single ECU from the system for EMC test of this device

  • Bridging longer distances without any influences to the existing network

Technical data

  • Optical decoupling of FlexRay signals

  • Up to 8h runtime without external power supply 

  • 2 different working modes: power on and automatic mode (to reduce power consumption) 

  • In automatic mode the FlexOpto FD switches automatically into sleep mode when there is no bus activity. To wake-up the device, a wake-up pattern on the FlexRay bus is necessary. 

  • Several LEDs for indication of the current state

  • Up to 100m distance between 2 FlexOpto FD with special fiber optic cable set

  • Robust housing

     Download FlexOpto fd Specification 

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