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 FlexXCon compact

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FlexXCon compact


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FlexXCon compact
Part No

Part No:MPMW-Flex-XCon-compact

The FlexXCon compact is a platform which can be perfectly used for easily building up gateway and/or ECU functionality to adapt existing control units or sensors to another network, for example FlexRay. You can create simple LIN to RS232 gateway up to quite complex four bus system gateway functions, including FlexRay, CAN, LIN and RS232. Data modification and filtering is also possible to fit all needs in your application.

The main advantage of this board is the compact outline and the great diversity of bus interfaces which can be used to transfer data between different bus systems by own applications. Additionally, there are digital I/Os and analog inputs available that enlarge the possible field of application. Several sensor signals can be easily read in and control signals can be put out.

To use this platform efficiently, Eberpaecher electronics provides a programming library for the controller, which enables a comfortable way of C-programming. In this library, all main functions of this board are already included and can be directly used without further knowledge of hardware basics.

So the application engineers’ intentions can be integrated in an effective way on this available platform!


  • Applicable both as gateway and electronic control unit (ECU) 

  • Freescale HCS 12-μController 

  • Up to 4 bus channels from different bus systems 

  • Completely configurable by an easy exchange of the physical drivers for the different bus systems 

  • One FlexRay bus with two channels provided 

  • Interfaces for other bus systems like CAN, LIN and RS232 

  • Several inputs and outputs 

  • Programming library with support of all main functions

  • Ideal for customer specific gateway applications 

  • Suited for automotive tasks

Technical Features

  • CPU
    - Freescale HCS12-μController with 256k Flash, 12k RAM and 4k EEPROM 

  • Power supply
    - 8 V to 42 V battery supply voltage 

  • Physical Layer
    - Support of FlexTiny modules, available for FlexRay, CAN high speed, 
      CAN low speed, LIN, RS232 

  • Interfaces
    - Up to 3 CAN interfaces
    - Up to 2 LIN or RS232 interfaces
    - Up to 1 FlexRay interface with 2 channels
    - 4 digital I/O^s for sensors / actuators
    - 5 analog inputs for sensing signals
    - BDM interface 

  • Requirements
    - C-Compiler (e.g. GNU compiler or Cosmic C-Compiler for HC12)
    - BDM programming cable (e.g. P&E BDM-MULTILINK for HCS08 - HC12 -

  • Dimensions
    - Outline 124 mm x 85 mm x 35 mm

     Download FlexXCon compact Specification 

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