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 FlexXCon midget

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FlexXCon midget


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FlexXCon midget
Part No

Part No:MPMW-Flex-XCon-midget

FlexXCon midget is a robust electronic platform which is designed for the use in the automotive environment. Due to the fact that the FlexXCon midget supports many bus systems and has variable interfaces, it could be used in different application fields. This device makes it very easy for embedded software developers to realize gateway applications and prototyping functionality.

Technical Features

  • Freescale PowerPC with integrated FlexRay Controller (MPC5567; 120MHz, 32Bit) 

  • 2MB integrated Flash 

  • 80KB integrated RAM 

  • 2MB external SRAM 

  • Up to 4 FlexRay Controller (2 Freescale cores and 2 Bosch E-Ray cores - available shortly) 

  • Up to 4 FlexRay channels (2 channel A and 2 channel B), arranged with FlexTiny slots 

  • Up to 5 CAN interfaces (1 fix connected) 

  • 2 LIN or RS232 interfaces

  • 1 100Mbit/s Ethernet interface

  • (PTP - available in future) 

  • 3 USB interfaces (2 Host, 1 Slave/OTG - available shortly)

  • 1 SPI interface 

  • 4 DIO (digital in- outputs, analog inputs) 

  • 5 ADI (analog inputs) 

  • Wake-up/sleep-support (wake-up possible by FlexRay, CAN or LIN)

  • Galvanic decoupled bus interfaces by special FlexTiny modules 

  • Power supply range: 8-42V 

  • Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C 

  • All interfaces are short-circuit proof 

  • Programming library for easy usage of the interfaces 

  • GNU C-Compiler 

  • Linux support available upon request


  • Variable interfaces for different bus systems 

  • Existing measurement equipment can be kept by transforming the data of a FlexRay-ECU into CAN 

  • Example files for easy access 

  • FlexXCon includes a complete development environment

Scope of delivery

  • FlexXCon midget hardware

  • ANSI C programming library

  • Demo applications for all relevant interfaces / functions 

  • P&E 64k limited debugger and flash program 

  • Unlimited flash program 

  • Manual

     Download FlexXCon midget Specification 

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