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 FlexCard PCI

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FlexCard PCI


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FlexCard PCI
Part No

Part No:MPMW-Flex-Card-PCI


FlexCard PMC is a monitoring- and analysing tool for the FlexRay-bus in a PMC-format. With a PMC-to-PCI-Adapter the card could be integrated in nearly all PCI-based systems.

Technical data

  • 32Bit-PCI-interface 

  • 3,3V and 5V compatible

  • 2MB internal RAM for data buffering 

  • FlexRay Communication Controller as FPGA (Cyclone II), includes Bosch E-Ray Communication Controller Core

  • Support of FlexRay protocol version V2.1

  • Switchabel termination resistors for FlexRay and CAN 

  • 4 bus connections 

  • 2 configurable trigger lines (SMB) 

  • System driver for Windows 2000/XP 

  • DLL as application interface

Functional range CAN

  • Receive and transmit of CAN frames (data and remote frames)

  • Silent mode useable for listening without bus interference 

  • Filtering with suitable buffer configuration possible

  • Signal of error states forwarded directly to user application

Functional range FlexRay

  • Receive and transmit of FlexRay frames 

  • Asynchronous listening (e.q. logging of start-up) 

  • Receive of null frames configurable 

  • Transmit acknowledge 

  • Receive and transmit of FlexRay symbols and wake-up pattern

  • Immediately signalization of network synchronization (with timestamp)

  • Signal of error states (e.q. bus-/syntax error) forwarded directly to user application

  • Triggering on the precise slot, cycle and on various error states 

  • Configuration of a second start-up/sync frame possible (with firmware versions of only one sync Communication Controller), to use not start-up/syncable FlexRay nodes in a virtual FlexRay cluster

     Download FlexCard PCI Specification 

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