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 FlexCard Cyclone II SE

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FlexCard Cyclone II SE


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FlexCard Cyclone II SE
Part No

Part No:MPMW-Flex-Cyclone-II-SE

The FlexCard Cyclone II SE is a flexible and multi use monitoring and analysing device for configuration, maintenance testing and monitoring of the time-triggered FlexRay serial bus system.

The FlexCard Cyclone II SE is a 32Bit-CARDBUS-Card for a CARDBUS-compatible PCMCIA slot of a notebook.

A short plug-in of this card will turn your standard notebook with the suitable software into a powerful analysing tool for the FlexRay bus system. This enables you, for example, to monitor the bus and analyse incoming messages quickly.

FlexCard Cyclone II SE processes and transfers data between the bus system and a host PC or notebook. Various filter and adjustable trigger functionalities allow you to select specified bus data for monitoring. The main focus of this product is to offer you a flexible, small and powerful analysing device. Another possible application for you could be to use this card as a FlexRay bus node to build communication clusters with your own functionality.

With its functions this tool represents the optimal interface between hardware developers and FlexRay. Compact but even so powerful, this card integrates into the wide range of Eberspaecher Electronics products on the FlexRay market. Almost all applications are open to the user:

  • Usage with tools of Vector Informatik 
  • Usage with LabVIEW of National Instruments 
  • Usage with tools of CRST 
  • Usage with custom developed software

Highlights CAN (optional)

  • Transmission and reception of CAN frames and CAN remote frames 
  • Transmit acknowledges 
  • Support of CAN specification 2.0A/B 
  • 2 CAN channels

Highlights FlexRay

  • Async mode:
    Receiving of all messages on the bus is possible without synchronising (via FIFO buffer).  
  • Async/sync mode:
    Before synchronising the data are received asynchronously. As soon as the FlexCard is synchronised, there is a streaming transition from the  async to the sync mode. With this functionality the start-up procedure of a card can be monitored and registered exactly. 
  • With new trigger conditions the error diagnostics with an oscilloscope on the bus can be facilitated. 
  • Transmission and reception of FlexRay frames 
  • Transmit acknowledges 
  • Transmission and reception of FlexRay symbols and wake-up pattern 
  • Network synchronicity will be reported immediately (with timestamp) 
  • Firmware update directly at the user PC possible

Technical features

  • 32Bit-CARDBUS-connection
  • 2MB memory for buffering the incoming data 
  • FlexRay Communication Controller as FPGA (Cyclone II), Bosch E-Ray Communication Controller Core included  
  • CAN Communication Controller as FPGA (Cyclone II), Bosch D-CAN Communication Controller Core included 
  • Supports FlexRay protocol specification V2.1 
  • Supports CAN protocol specification V2.0 
  • Integrated Physical Layer connection for FlexRay and CAN 
  • Sys-Driver as direct interface to the FlexCard with filter functionality 
  • DLL as user interface
     Download FlexCard Cyclone II SE Specification 

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