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Part No

Part No:MPMW-Flex-FlexAS

FlexAS is an active star coupler for the bus system FlexRay. Especially for safety relevant applications, the FlexAS extends the availability as well as the reliability of the system. FlexAS is designed for laboratory usage.To have all signals accessible, the FlexAS is delivered without a housing.

Technical features

  • 8 FlexRay bus connections, implemented as Sub-D-connectors 

  • Aktive data transfer between these bus connections

  • Awake mode to use the FlexAS without any remote wake-up pattern on the bus 

  • Sleep mode with total support of wake-up (via FlexRay bus or via a power up) 

  • Power and bus activity are displayed via LEDs 

  • One TJA1080 of NXP per active star

     Download FlexAS Specification 

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