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 Ethernet TCP / UDP to RS23 / 422 / 485

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Ethernet TCP / UDP to RS23 / 422 / 485


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Ethernet TCP / UDP to RS23 / 422 / 485
Ethernet TCP-UDP to RS232-422-485 Industrial DIN-Rail-DR2

Need to convert your serial (RS232, RS422 or RS485) device(s) to 10/100 Ethernet? The DR2 product does the job with no changes to your software.

The DR2 is an industrial device server packaged in a DIN-rail mountable plastic housing. The DR2 takes your serial data stream and converts it to Ethernet packets with no changes to your software. A Web Server is also built-in, which allows you to design your own pages and interface with your product from the Internet.

Flexible configuration options allow the DR2 to be set up locally using the serial port, or remotely over Ethernet using Telnet or a common web browser.

Cross Reference Lantronix Xpress-DR: XSDRSN-02


The DR2 works out of the box and comes with COM Port Redirector which allows you to redirect a PC serial port to Ethernet.


  • 10/100M Ethernet,

  • Serial Baud rates up to 115Kbps,

  • 7/8 Data Bits, 1/2 Stop Bits, XON/XOFF,

  • Isolation: 2000Vrms serial Isolation, 1500Vrms Ethernet Isolation,

  • Connectors: Serial - Screw Terminals or RJ45, Network - RJ45,

  • Power: Input - 9 to 30VDC or 9-24VAC, 3W maximum operation, Connector- Screw Terminals for power and ground,

  • Extended Temperature Range: 0C to +70C,

  • Size: 90 x 60 x 36 mm (inches: 3.54 H x 2.4 D x 1.4 W),

  • UL, CSA,TUV, FCC, CE, FM Class I, Div. 2.

     Download Ethernet TCP / UDP to RS23 / 422 / 485 Specification 

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