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 WiBox-2 Serial to 802.11b/g Wireless

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WiBox-2 Serial to 802.11b/g Wireless


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WiBox-2 Serial to 802.11b/g Wireless
TCP/IP,串列埠,WiBox-2 Serial to 802.11b/g Wireless

Part No: MPGC-TCP/IP-WiBox-2 Serial


WiBox™ is a two-port device server that lets you connect serial devices to 802.11b/g wireless networks, quickly and easily. By merging wireless communications and Lantronix device server technology, the WiBox simplifies connectivity to devices where cabling is prohibited or mobility is required.

The flexibility and power of WiBox™ offer a huge cost saving potential for a variety of commercial applications. Serial RS-232/422/485 flexibility, WEP security, robust data handling capabilities and high serial speeds are all built in. Using a method called serial tunneling, the WiBox encapsulates serial data into packets and transports it over 802.11b/g wireless networks. By connecting two WiBox units via a network, virtual serial connections can be extended across your facility or around the world. Lantronix WB2100001-01

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