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 CAN Bus Tester 2

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CAN Bus Tester 2


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CAN Bus Tester 2
CAN-Bus Tester 2

Part No: MPST-CAN-CAN-Bus-Tester-2

Electrical Signal Quality Tester for CAN / CANopen / DeviceNet / J1939

The CAN-BUS Tester 2 is a comprehensive test tool for analyzing the electrical signal properties and detecting cabling problems in CAN, CANopen, DeviceNet, or J1939 installations. The CAN tester is designed to assist engineers to troubleshoot devices, find communication errors, and avoid unplanned network shutdowns.

  • Easy and Fast Error Determination
  • Prevention of Downtimes
  • Maximized Availability


Easily Detect Electrical Signal and Cabling Problems

The CAN-BUS Tester 2 automatically analyzes the physical layer of CAN, CANopen, DeviceNet, and J1939 networks and visually displays the signal quality for each connected device separately, helping users to quickly locate and correct errors.

The test results expose communication issues that pertain to individual devices, general communication errors, or the overall network. A built-in scilloscope function displays the signal shape and reveals potential signal reflections.

The CAN-BUS Tester 2 is designed to automatically analyze communication problems based on electrical issues without the need for a separate oscilloscope or expertise in electrical engineering.

Extensive Software Functionality Accelarates Error Detection

The data collected with the CAN-BUS Tester 2 is processed by the accompanying software package. The test results plus the deduced information, e.g. the signal quality, are displayed in a graphical user interface that also includes an integrated storage oscilloscope with message frame analysis.

The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows the user to perform an automatic evaluation of the network and to create an extensive test report. If further analysis of the test results is desired, the CAN tester software is able to export the test results as CSV files and graphics.

The CAN-BUS Tester 2 enables a maintenance engineer to quickly and accurately pin-point trouble-spots in the network.

Early Error Detection Resulting in Maximum Uptime

The CAN-BUS Tester 2 is an ideal companion tool in the early network installation and commissioning phase. The Tester helps to identify communication and cabling problems well before the network is fully commissioned.

In addition, maintenance engineers can implement a preventive maintenance strategy by using the CAN-BUS Tester 2 to generate a test protocol of a newly commissioned network that serves as a baseline.

Deviations in the network are easily detected at an early stage by comparing the baseline information with a current test run. This information is essential for effectively planning maintenance work and to avoid unplanned shutdowns.

As a result, the plant runs with an optimal Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Technical Data

Property Value
Measured Data / Functions

Bus Status: Bus Level and Traffic Detection

Bus Load: Permanent Display of Bandwidth Usage (0%...100%)

Station List: Generated Automatically or Entered Manually

Quality Level: Signal Quality Level (0%...100%)

Disturbance-Free Voltage Range: Resolution 50mV; Current, Minimum and Maximum Values

Signal Shape: Station-Specific Measurement with Built-In Oscilloscope with Trigger and Zoom

Signal Edges: Quality of Falling and Rising Edges

Report Generator: Creation of User-Configurable Test Report

CAN Bus Connection

Connector: 2 x 9 Pin D-Sub Male Connector (also M12, Open Style, 7/8」 and SAE J1939 Via Incheded Adapter Set 9)

Protocols: CAN, CANopen, DeviceNet, SAE J1939 (Depending on Product Variant)

Data Transfer Rates: 5Kbit/s - 1MBit/s

Additional Connections

PC: USB, Full Speed

Oscilloscope: Trigger Output Galvanically Isolated, BNC Jack

Environment / Dimensions / Power Supply

Operation / Storage Temperature: +5°C…+40°C / -20°C…+60°C

Housing: Aluminium, IP20 Protection

Dimensions: 134mm x 40mm x 170mm

Power Supply: Wide Range Power Supply (Included)

Certification CE: EN 55022; EN 55011 Class A; EN 61000-6-4; EN 61000-6-2
System Requirements

PC: PC with USB Interface

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 (32 und 64 bit), Windows Vista (32 und 64 bit), Server 2003ME/98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 (as of August 2011)

Ordering Information:

  • BC-200-CAN-BASIC: CAN-Bus Tester 2, Base Version
  • BC-200-CAN_OPT/CO: CANopen Option for CAN-Bus Tester 2
  • BC-200_CAN-OPT/DN: DeviceNet Option for CAN-Bus Tester 2
  • BC-200-CAN-OPT/19: J1939 Option for CAN-Bus Tester 2

Scope of Delivery:

  • Hardware CAN-Bus Tester 2
  • Software CD-ROM Including CAN-Bus Tester 2 PC Software
  • Documentation CAN-Bus Tester 2 Manual
  • Accessories Carrying Case Including Wide Range Power Supply, Adapters, etc.

     Download CAN Bus Tester 2 Specification 

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