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 CANopen Magic ProS Eval

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CANopen Magic ProS Eval


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CANopen Magic ProS Eval
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This program allows the simulation of an entire CANopen network on a PC. No CAN interface is required, as the CAN bus is simulated within the PC. Multiple CANopenIA Device Profile implementations are included for simulation, including simulation models of CANopen I/O modules from various vendors.

This program allows practicing the configuration and commissioning of CANopen networks.

This simulation tool offers far more than many CANopen starter kits. As all nodes are simulated one immediately has access to a large variety of CANopen nodes. Networks with up to 15 nodes can be set up and simulated within minutes.

One interesting aspect of PC-based node simulation is the flexible Process Data Stimulation, which is readily supported in CANopen Magic ProS Eval.

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