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 Availability Based Tariff Solutions

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Availability Based Tariff Solutions


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Availability Based Tariff Solutions
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Availability Based Tariff Solutions support the CERC regulation on ABT scheme to be adopted by Indian power generation, transmission and distribution companies. The ABT offering from Kalki, is a comprehensive solution and complies with the CERC requirements. ABT Software is completely web-based and support’s ABT requirement’s for Intra-State ABT, Inter-State ABT, ABT Module for Power Generation Unit’s, ABT Module for Transmission Companies as well as Module for Energy Trading and Billing.

ABT Software is used in Power Plant’s, Grid Operator’s and Transmission Companies. We also provides the ABT solutions and consulting services to a number of OEM’s and end-users in India.

Our Offerings include:

  • ABT Implementation Consulting and Road Map Planning
  • Web-based ABT Software based on EOP Platform
  • ABT System Implementation and Commissioning
  • ABT Training
  • ABT Life-Cycle Support
  • ABT Optimization solution

Coupled with our plant performance calculation solutions, out ABT optimization solution enables a generation utility to identify the most efficient manner of operating the plant thereby maximizing revenues and minimizing losses.

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