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 Plant Efficiency Software

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Plant Efficiency Software


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Plant Efficiency Software
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The plant efficiency software available as a stand alone package or as part of the EOP (Energy Optimization Portal) enables power plant and station wide efficiency calculations and optimization.

Performance Calculation Software deals with online performance calculation and efficiency monitoring. Unit heat rate calculations, auxiliary equipments performance calculations are some of the features of this software. Results are made available as graphical and tabular reports. All calculations conform to relevant standards such as Performance Test Codes from ASME. In addition, valuable optimization guidance in terms of heat rate deviation and operator controllable losses is also provided. Data validation is also handled by the performance calculation module.  

Soot blowing optimization: assists the plant operators in optimal scheduling of the soot blowing operation. This is done using online heat transfer rate calculations. This approach assists the operators in striking the balance between heat rate increase due to lack of soot blowing and steam loss due to excessive soot blowing.

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