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Area of application

With the portable protocol stacks for PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP, field devices with existing Ethernet hardware can be extended quickly and with a clearly defined level of development effort to include a Real-Time Ethernet interface. These field devices can then be used for control and motion applications, remote maintenance, operation and monitoring, and other applications.

Simple porting

The porting layer guarantees maximum flexibility for rapid porting to the target system. Comprising documented C code, the porting layer makes it possible to adapt software to the existing device platform. The porting layer covers the allocation of memory, the management of tasks and threads, and access to the Ethernet peripherals. The capabilities of the porting layer have already been proven in ports to various device platforms. A checklist makes it easy to estimate the amount of effort the porting will involve. The Simple Device Application Interface (SDAI), which enables efficient communication with the protocol software through the chosen architecture, is used to adapt the device application to the respective protocol software.

A comprehensive manual describes the interfaces and provides porting instructions.

Included in package

  • PROFINET IO device protocol stack
  • EtherNet/IP adapter protocol stack
  • Modbus/TCP server protocol stack
  • Simple Device Application Interface (SDAI)
  • Description of SDAI and porting procedure
  • Sample programs in source code
  • Device description files (PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IP)
  • Projects for PLC communication

Additional information

  • Demo Version of PROFINET IO Controller Stack
     Download PN-IO-DEV/SC Specification 

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