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Win-I2CUSBDLL is a complete I²C software/adapter bundle which includes the Win-I2CUSB application for control of  I²C/SMBus devices (Win-I2CUSB GUI is cosmetically similar to the Win-I2CNT application).

The USB-based host adapter supports 400kb/s  I²C Master operations (800-1000 kb/s  I²C communication is possible, but these speeds are not guaranteed, and not supported in the 400kb/s  I²C specification).

The software has the capability to program I2C and SPI serial EEproms and Ram/ Fram device sizes ranging from 16Kb (128 bit) to 512Kb (64K bytes). Universal modes allow flexibility to communicate most  I²C compatible devices.

The  I²C adapter is USB powered and can also supply limited 3.3v/5v power to a low power I2C target application (50mA max).

The Win-I2CUSB software, DLL, and USB driver are compatible with Windows (x86)  2000, XP, and Vista.
Software updates are downloaded via the built-in update utility (requires internet connection).

The  DLL was developed specifically for the included Win-I2CUSB adapter to allow creation of custom applications in other environments such as Delphi, Visual Basic, MSVisual C++, C++ Builder, VB.Net,  and Visual C++.Net. Refer to the DLL User Manual on the FAQ page for details (link below).

The Win-I2CUSBDLL kit includes a single user license for Win-I2CUSB and the DLL.

Win-I2CUSBDLL Kit Contents:

  • Win-I2CUSBDLL software/documentation on CD:
        - Win-I2CUSB - Windows application, similar to Win-I2CNT (EEProm,
          Universal Modes, I2C devices, EEProm/FRAM support).
        - DLL to allow creation of custom I2C applications using the included
          Win-I2CUSB adapter.
        - DLL examples for C++ Builder, MSVC++, Delphi, VB, VB.Net,

  • USB-based I2C hardware adapter  (shown above)

  • Quick Start Guide installation sheet.

  • Standard 3’ USB cable (Note: I2C cable is not included).

  • Software includes 4Mb/s USB-to-SPI Windows application (Win-SPIUSB).

  • 30-day warranty on hardware adapter; please review the Software License Agreement.

  • I2C Devices supported in Win-I2CUSB

Please note the  Win-I2CUSB software and DLL included in this kit  will only work with the USB adapter  shown above and is not compatible with  Win-I2CNTDLL, Win-I2CNT kits (printer-port versions with I2CPortv2.0 adapter).


     Download Win-I2CUSBDLL Specification 

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